Mika Brzezinski Rebukes Joe Scarborough & Other Male Guests For Expressing Their Feelings

Video: Morning Joe: Love guru Deutsch on his new show.

Men are often rebuked for not expressing their feelings. But what happens when they do express them?

What would MSNBC feminist Mika Brzezinski think of the man who lectured a group of women in such a manner?

Sometimes this: On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on January 28, 2011, co-host Joe Scarborough and guest “Love Guru” Donny Deutsch began talking about how important a job is to a man and how destroyed he can feel if he loses it. Was co-host and feminist Mika Brzezinski pleased to hear these two men open up and speak about what the vast majority of men are reluctant to divulge?

No. Just the opposite. She interrupted them (this exchange occurs at about 5 minutes and 40 seconds into the show), called them self-centered, shifted the topic to how jobs affect women, then, like a scolding parent to a mischievous child, rebuked them with a stern finger and a condescending lecture: “Just. Be. A. Little. More. Self-aware.”

Now there’s a woman who knows her power in the presence of men, including her boss Joe Scarborough!

Deutsch, for his part, then briefly expressed more feelings to Brzezinski — feelings of exasperation with her.

On the very same morning that Mika Brzezinski listened poorly to these two men,  “Fox & Friends” discussed a new book about “why men don’t listen to women.” You’ve no doubt heard of many such books over the years, but have you heard of just one book about women like Mika Brzezinski?

The point Scarborough and Deutsch tried in vain to make is the same point made by Dr. William Pollack in the February 3, 2011, CBC Doc Zone production “The End of Men” (video may be playable only in Canada):

“So if [men] don’t produce, if they don’t work, they not only are a loser — which is bad enough — somehow in some strange way it’s hard to explain to people who haven’t felt it, the man feels he’s not a man anymore. If you interview a woman who’s lost her job, she feels terrible, but she doesn’t feel like she’s not a woman anymore.”*


To see how men can be punished for not expressing their feelings, read “Because Men Express Less Emotion at Work Than Women, the Ninth Circuit Court Denies Them Equal Protection.

*Regarding the importance of work to men, see the CBS Minnesota report, “Minn. Man Kills Self In His Car After Losing Job” and “Austerity in Greece caused more than 500 male suicides, say researchers.” Almost everyone except the feminist Mika Brzezinski acknowledges that after a job loss, suicide is more often a male choice than a female.


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2 Responses to Mika Brzezinski Rebukes Joe Scarborough & Other Male Guests For Expressing Their Feelings

  1. Tums says:

    There is a serious attack on men going on in America. First, we have an economy and corporate controlled legislature that commits treason on a daily basis. Purchase power is a joke, so people are able to do less with what they have. Everything is illegal leaving it difficult to stand up for yourself as a man when provoked. Personal protection is constantly under attack and whoever ends it is usually considered bad, and the media provides no back story so we are left to assume that the one who got it the worst is the good guy (unless police are involved). A detailed account of a violator’s actions are rarely disclosed for public consumption as the cause for how they ended up. Police think it’s a joke when a man calls for their help, yet once a person takes matters into their own hands somehow he/ she is considered to have crossed the line of a (insane) “civilized society”. Men essentially have their hands tied behind their backs unless they have the wealth in order to combat injustice. Meanwhile females, for the most part, have this institutionalized safety net that keeps them from landing too hard because they are society’s baby and we wouldn’t want them to experience life equally.

    Second, there is this culture of “empowerment” for women that has a strong foundation in man hating. It’s apparent that the feminism agenda is to give women only the equality that leaves them with the most benefits and upper hand. They want to be equal in some ways and leave themselves unaccountable in others leaving the men to dominate professions that require more than exercising a histrionic personality disorder, and backstabbing. Rape happens, but rape culture is a joke. Misguided feminists bully their counterparts into becoming forked tongued villains and to dismiss their genuine nature. They rob themselves of authentic male relationships, and usually grace agreeable submissive wusses with their presence. They want everything to change but themselves. Finally, the one’s who scream the loudest about being oppresses are middle class white women (figure that one out).

    Lastly, no one disagrees that bad men do bad things, it’s just that the world consists of so much more… Bottom line is that feminists rob themselves and others of being happy and prosperous.


    • Thanks for your heart-felt comment.

      To me, society consists of two “worlds”: the world of work (the productive world) and the world of children (the reproductive world). Obviously each needs the other for its survival, so both are needed for civilization’s survival. Hence, the two worlds are equally important.

      Despite this equal importance, what do you suppose is the result thus far of the 40-year-old push for “gender equality”? It seems to be this: We are ending men’s dominance in the world of work (The Economist at http://www.economist.com/node/15174489: “women are gradually taking over the workplace”) and, largely because “women are the ones who give birth,” preserving women’s dominance in the world of children. (Men have no reproductive rights except the right not to participate in sex. Imagine if women had no rights in the productive world except the right not to participate.)

      See an example of how men are limited in the world of children: “In movies, dads not treated as equal to moms” https://malemattersusa.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/in-movies-dads-not-treated-as-equals-to-moms/


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