The Civil Rights Act Spawned the Unintended Consequence of Sexual Harassment Laws

“This vicious implementation of sexual harassment laws is another example of unintended consequences. The original impulse behind such seemed humanitarian, though misguided. Lin Farley’s watershed work, Sexual Shakedown: The Sexual Harassment of Women on the Job (1978), chronicled appalling cases of sexual discrimination. But Farley fully acknowledged that women sometimes use sex to advance in the workplace. Thus, from a relatively balanced starting point in the ’70s, sexual harassment of the ’90s has evolved to such a totalitarian point that a six-year-old boy in North Carolina was recently suspended from the classroom for kissing a female student on the cheek.”

[In other words, this small child was punished for expressing affection. The punishment was likely the same as punishment that he would have received if he had slugged the girl. Thus, perhaps in his mind, affectionate kissers and violent sluggers are one and the same. Will this draconian treatment turn him into a misogynist, maybe even a predator of women? -Male Matters]

More by Wendy McElroy at “The Civil Rights Act: Unintended Consequences Writ Large”


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