Why self-employed women earn less

And another reason women earn less than men: “Consistent with family motivations for selecting self-employment, self-employed women spend less time than both men and women in wage-and-salary jobs on work-related activities, and more time on household activities. Self-employed women work about 1.5 hours less per day in their self-employment work or about 10 fewer hours per week than self-employed men. Women work as wage-and-salary employees about 6 fewer hours per week than wage-and-salary-employed men.” See the government report.

The primary reason women earn less — in the same work or in different work — is that they spend less time in employed-work activities.  As I said in my previous post, wives earn less because husbands earn more; and husbands earn more because wives earn less. And politicized feminists turn this symbiotic relationship into “evidence” of oppression against women. If things were reversed and women earned more because men earned less, I feel pretty certain that these same feminists would turn this, too, into “evidence” of oppression against women: “Women are forced to earn more than men because husbands won’t pull their weight in employed work.”


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