More Sympathy for Mules Than for Males

On early coal mining in the Appalachians:

“In the earlier days, to get the coal out, safety wasn’t too much of an issue. The amazing part of it, they valued a mule more than they did a human. If an early immigrant got killed in the mine, no big deal because you had ten more waiting out in the street for his job. You had more tears shed for that mule than miners. And from 1869 to 1950, over 30,000 miners died in the mines.” -Source: “Geologic Journey: Appalachians,” CBC TV’s “Nature of Things” with David Suzuki, May 12, 2011

Over the decades, in the treatises on female oppression, this is the sort of thing that was deliberately ignored so as to stack the deck in women’s favor in the oppression stakes.


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