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Men’s heart disease is far worse than women’s but gets far less attention

“If I had to focus on one illness that claimed men too early, it would be coronary artery disease.” Continue reading

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Cuddling More Important to Men in Long-Term Relationships

Could it be as Male Matters USA thinks, that sex for men is often merely the means to an end, the end being the affection men don’t feel they have permission to ask for? Continue reading

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The Cautionary Tale of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

“A woman who is raped is a victim even if she is promiscuous. So is a falsely accused man even if he is a pig — or a French socialist.” Continue reading

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Need Therapy? A Good Man Is Hard to Find

“The result, many therapists argue, is that the profession is at risk of losing its appeal for a large group of sufferers — most of them men — who would like to receive therapy but prefer to start with a male therapist.” Continue reading

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False rape accusations may sometimes mask economic harassment of men

Before feminists can get a majority of men to listen to what they have to say, they must make a monumental confession: Women are as good as men — and as bad. Continue reading

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