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A Review of Male Matters’ Choice for Book of the Year: Tim Goldich’s “Loving Men, Respecting Women”

“Accountability and compassion must go hand in hand. Accountability without compassion is ruthless. It is what we more often direct at men. It is respecting men but not loving them. Compassion without accountability is infantilizing. It is what we more often direct at women. It is loving women but not respecting them.” Continue reading

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Because men express less emotion at work than women do, the Ninth Circuit Court denies them equal protection

“The weakness of men is the facade of strength. The strength of women is the facade of weakness.” -Warren Farrell, The Myth of Male Power Continue reading

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Brief Misc. News & Views on Gender Issues

“In one panel, women were taught to sue their employers, whom they called ‘old white men,’ over every minor or trivial offense. If you don’t have a case, the attorney on the panel advised, ‘Don’t worry, we can get very creative.’” Continue reading

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