Would the World be Better If Women Ran It?

Let women take over

Source: International Museum of Women

The list below is updated often. Latest update April 12, 2020.

Dee Dee Myers, former Clinton press secretary, thinks the world would be better if women ran it.

Michelle Cottle, a Washington reporter for the Daily Beast, said in The New Republic: “Every few years someone writes a book, publishes a study, or simply drops a quote suggesting what a kinder, gentler, less competitive, more collaborative, less power-crazed, and fundamentally more ethical place Washington would be if only the gals were in charge. When I was examining this bit of conventional wisdom several years ago, one of my favorite quotes was an admonition from Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski to Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison: ‘Civility must start with us.’ Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers pursued a related theme in her 2008 book, Why Women Should Rule the World.” 

For the latest book proclaiming the female’s “superiority,” see MSNBC’s Dan Abrams’ March 2011 “Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else.” (Shouldn’t Abrams have let a woman write this for him, since by his own words she could have done a better job? How should we expect young boys, who we want to remain non-violent, to react to this title? When I first saw the title, I thought “Man Down” was a spoof, a mockery of the media’s excessive praise of women. But then I realized that Abrams probably would never dare offend feminists.)

By Jerry A. Boggs

When I was a supervisor in the federal government, a few members of my team regularly let me know, subtly or otherwise, that they could run things better than I could, even though their experience in supervising was nil. You’ve no doubt encountered such individuals yourself: people who aren’t in charge but think they should be because they could do so much better. So it is with many ideological feminist women, and more than a few feminist men. You may have heard them say, “If we women ran things, the world would be a better, more peaceful place.” They have said this even though according to their own admission, women have had relatively little or no experience whatsoever in world-supervising.

“Who cares how men feel or what they do or whether they suffer? They have had over 2000 years to dominate and made a complete hash of it. Now it is our turn.” -Liberated Women, Boronia. (Herald-Sun, Melbourne, Australia – 9 February 1996) [Was the humor unintended?]  

I have a computer folder which I dubbed “Women In Male Roles.” It’s a repository of articles, reports, and so forth about how women have performed in a traditionally male role or job. Taken together, all the items in the folder clearly indicate that women are no better morally and intellectually — and no worse — than men. And thank goodness! Knowing that men and women are just alike, are from the same planet instead of Mars and Venus, can make the world of gender a better place. The following selections — which I did not purposely seek out but merely stumbled upon, usually via my Google news alerts — from my “Women in Male Roles” folder range from the trivial to the serious. Whenever you hear someone suggesting that everything would be better if women were in charge, email him or her the link to this. You’ll contribute to making the world a better place! (Some female readers may find that many of the selections make them wince and cringe; I ask them to consider the disquieting news about men that males have had to endure for the last three or four decades.)

Here’s the ever-growing list of women performing in what was once “male” roles:

  • Would this female governor, as a world leader, promote more harmony than male leaders? Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmore’s executive order “not only extended the state’s shelter-in-place mandate till the end of the month—something most everyone had expected and accepted—but added arguably the country’s most draconian and nonsensical provisions.” –Reason Magazine, April 16, 2020 
  • Would this female Parliament member make a better world uniter than a male leader? “A Labour MP has been criticised for sharing a Twitter post telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’. Ms Shah was suspended by the Labour Party in 2016 for making anti-semitic comments online.” -August 23, 2017 Did she get suspended with pay? If so, it was surprise vacation, which is a reward, not necessarily punishment. She has indeed been rewarded: According to a Twitter post by Matthew MacKinnon @MattMacKinnon92, “Naz Shah MP has just been made Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion.” Community cohesion? Dare I say community dissolution?
  • How ethical would this female judge be as a world leader, if all this is true: “Family Court Judge Dawn Gentry allegedly gave attorneys preferential treatment if they appeased her sexual demands and donated to her campaigns for re-election. The 38-year-old has now been hit with nine misconduct charges. She allegedly also asked a female attorney to sleep with her husband while they were getting divorced so she could accuse him of infidelity. –UK’s Daily Mail, Dec. 6, 2019
  • Would Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, in a world leadership position, act with more integrity than the average male leader? “From the beginning, Pugh has described the BookGate investigations as a “witch hunt” and insisted that she paid her taxes on all the money she made from the Healthy Holly self-dealing scheme she’d been running for the past eight years. But with the tax man knocking down her doors, perhaps they’ve found a reason to believe that wasn’t true. If they can’t charge her for all the grifting, they could still take her down if she’s guilty of tax fraud.” –Hotair.com, April 25, 2019 – See update November 27, ’19: She pleaded guilty, faces heavy fines.
  • How ethical would this woman be as a world leader? “That was when the FBI also busted in the doors of City Hall and then-Mayor Sheila Dixon. She was later convicted of embezzlement and forced to resign.”
  • How fair would this judge be as a world leader: “A judge has been condemned by BirminghamLive readers today — after she told a banned drink-driver who smashed into three other vehicles that she would have been jailed if she were a man. Victoria Parry was told she would have been “straight down the stairs” to prison had her sex been different.” –BirminghamLive, April 12, 2019
  • Could we trust these two celebrity women to run the world better than men: Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman? “Actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman among 40 charged in college exam cheating plot” –NBCnews.com, March 12, 2019
  • Would Ilhan Omar, as a world leader, calm the world’s turmoils better than the average male world leader: “She didn’t just push back on AIPAC’s distortion of American foreign policy, she reiterated a classic anti-Semitic trope that American Jews buy influence, period. She didn’t just confront Elliott Abrams, she refused to let him answer anything but loaded “yes” or “no” responses. And last week, for good measure, she demanded an investigation into the decision by USA Powerlifting to ban transgender women from competing in women’s powerlifting contests, because of the unfair advantage that developing a male body for most of your life will give you in lifting weights. The organization instituted the ban after a young trans woman, JayCee Cooper, smashed the state record for women’s bench press in Minnesota, beating her nearest female rival by a mile, only a year after joining the sport.” –Andrew Sullivan, February 18, 2019
  • As a world leader, would this woman inspire confidence and hard work more than the average male world leader: “Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s mistreatment of her office staff began more than a decade ago and eventually caused such concerns that in 2015, then-Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) spoke to her privately and told her to change her behavior, multiple sources have confirmed to HuffPost.” -“Sen. Klobuchar Subjected Staff To Unpredictable ’Bouts Of Explosive Rage’”
  • Did this female prosecutor, who campaigned to be president in 2020, perform better than the average male prosecutor? “Most troubling, Ms. [Sen. Kamala] Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.” As a world leader, would she be more compassionate than all the male leaders? –NY Times, January 17, 2019 
  • Could we trust this woman as a world leader to help maintain peace and harmony around the globe? “Canada arrested the chief financial officer of Huawei on suspicion of violating US sanctions against Iran, according to The Globe and Mail. The CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Vancouver on Saturday at the request of US law enforcement and is facing extradition to the US.” –The Verge, December 5, 2018
  • As a world leader, would this woman promote peace and harmony better than male leaders? “CBS Corp. fired a vice president in business affairs Monday for comments she made on social media regarding the mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas. Hayley Geftman-Gold, wrote on her Facebook page that she was not sympathetic to victims of the shooting because, she claimed, most country music fans are Republican. Geftman-Gold also wrote: ‘If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.’”
  • How could this female dean, as a world leader, be trusted to be fair? “A Yale University dean has been placed on leave over offensive reviews she made on Yelp, including one in which she refers to customers of a local restaurant as ‘white trash.’ Pierson College Dean June Chu issued a public apology Saturday after reviews from her personal Yelp account began circulating at the Ivy League school.” “On Saturday evening, I found out that she was in fact responsible for multiple reprehensible posts, enough to represent a more widespread pattern.” –Washington Examiner, May 18, 2017
  • Would this woman as a world leader serve the interests of her people more than her male counter? “South Korean President Park Geun-hye has been impeached by parliament over a corruption scandal. She stepped down following the vote on 9 December.” –BBC.com, December 9, 2016
  • As a world leader, would this female aide to Hillary Clinton be trustworthy? “In a March 2015 interview, President Obama said that he had learned about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state ‘the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.’ But that assertion concerned aides of Mrs. Clinton, who knew that the president himself had received emails from the private address, according to a hacked email made public on Tuesday by WikiLeaks. ‘We need to clean this up — he has emails from her — they do not say state.gov,’ Cheryl D. Mills, a top aide, wrote to John D. Podesta, another senior adviser, on March 7, 2015.” –NY Times, October 25, 2016 
  • Could we trust this woman as a world leader to promote gender harmony and non-violence more than the average male leader? “Labour’s Shadow Minister for domestic violence, Sarah Champion, admitted yesterday that she was arrested and cautioned by police after attacking explorer Graham Hoyland during their ‘very acrimonious’ divorce in 2007.” -the UK’s DailyMail.com, September 24, 2016
  • How much more honest would this woman be than her male counterparts? “Regarding the sorry case of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, let’s be brief, because it’s all been said before. She should have resigned long ago, but it took Monday’s conviction on two counts of perjury and seven misdemeanor counts of abusing the powers of office for her to get the message. A once-potentially groundbreaking career lies in tatters; whatever good deeds she achieved or aspired to in office have vanished. She resigned yesterday as a felon.” -“The Kane shame: The state AG’s crimes deserve serious punishment,” Pittsburgh Post Gazette, August 18, 2016
  • Would this woman, as a world leader, be more kind and sensitive than her male counterparts? “‘Does that college motherfucker know who I am?’ USC Title IX Director Gretchen Dahlinger Means asked Title IX Investigator Patrick Noonan, after a conference call during which the student, ‘John Doe,’ had explained his intention to appeal. It was a hot mic moment: Dahlinger and Noonan thought the student and his lawyer had already exited the call. That was not the only outburst. Means also said, ‘Who do those motherfuckers think they are?’ in reference to the student and his lawyer, who had asked for USC to release the identities of the panel members who had voted to expel Doe. The administrators did not merely refuse this request; they were apparently incredulous that such a request had been made at all — that a student could possibly have the gall to ask for some basic transparency with respect to the Kafka-esque procedure that ruined his life.” -“USC Campus Rape Lawsuit: This Title IX Official’s Vulgar Response Is Unbelievable,” Reason magazine, August 2, 2016
  • As a world leader, how much would this woman differ from negligent or possibly corrupt male leaders? “France’s top court has ruled that International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde must stand trial in France over a 2008 arbitration ruling that handed 400 million euros to a politically-connected business magnate.” –AP, July 22, 2016 (Search for “Lagarde” elsewhere in this commentary to learn other interesting facets of her leadership.)
  • Would this woman, as a world leader, be more impartial and objective than male leaders? “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s admittedly ‘ill-advised’ remarks about Donald Trump weren’t only bad for the justice and her reputation. They were bad for the Supreme Court and, consequently, for the country.
    Ginsburg was correct in her scathing assessment of Trump — and correct to express her ‘regret’ for voicing it publicly. But the damage to the court’s image and reputation is already done.” -Ruth Marcus, Washington Post, July 15, 2016, 
  • If Katie Couric were a world leader, could she be trusted any more than the average male leader to be impartial, fair, and objective? “A Katie Couric documentary advocating gun control was deceptively edited to make Second Amendment supporters look foolish, audio released by the supporters shows. In ‘Under the Gun,’ Couric [anchor for ABC Evening News from 2011 to 2014] asks a group of gun rights supporters, ‘If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?’ The documentary filmmakers spliced in footage of the activists sitting silently for nine seconds. One man looks down, seemingly uncomfortable, during the awkward silence. The documentary then moves on to the next scene of a cylinder on a revolver being closed.” –The Federalist, May 26, 2016 (See another of Couric’s deceptive editings at FreeBeacon.com.)
  • Why would Drew Gilpin Faust make a better, less hypocritical world leader than men, if as the leader at Harvard she claims to oppose exclusion but in fact promotes it? “Only Harvard could proclaim its opposition to arbitrary ‘privilege and exclusion’ while running a $38 billion hedge fund (a.k.a. the Harvard Endowment) and rejecting 95 percent of applicants — based on murky criteria rumored to include everything from SAT scores to alumni connections.” Moreover, Faust no doubt also opposes generalizations, even as she practices “guilt by association and collective punishment.” –Washington Post (archived), May 10, 2016
  • Elizabeth Holmes is America’s youngest female billionaire. She is facing investigations from both federal agencies and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for potentially misleading investors. Investigations from the Wall Street Journal found some alarming problems with the accuracy of her company’s blood-testing technology and the state of its labs. If she were a world leader, would she be more competent and trust-worthy than all men? –Fast Company, May 10, 2016  
  • As a world leader, would this woman promote harmony? Ann Telnaes, a Washington Post cartoonist, drew 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz as a maniacal-looking organ grinder forcing his young daughters, caricatured as monkeys, to dance as a part of his campaign efforts. (What would Telnaes — and the Washington Post — have called Cruz had he drawn a cartoon of Hillary Clinton as a maniacal-looking organ grinder forcing her daughter, caricatured as a monkey, to dance?) –The Federalist, December 23, 2015
  • Does this female leader instill more trust than men? “A special committee in the lower house held a marathon session until Saturday morning, part of an effort to decide by Monday whether to move forward with an impeachment request against Brazil’s first woman president. The impeachment committee will vote on a report presented last week that concluded President Dilma Rousseff bypassed Congress in authorizing credits to mask a growing budget deficit.” –Bloomberg, April 8, 2016
  • How could this woman claim she’d be a more effective world leader than male leaders? “The regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief responsible for Michigan is resigning amid charges that she did not do enough to prevent the Flint, Mich., drinking water crisis. Susan Hedman, regional administrator for the EPA’s Chicago-based region 5, submitted her resignation Thursday, effective Feb. 1, the EPA said.” –HotAir.com, January 23, 2016
  • Would this female VA regional office manager make a more honest world leader than men? “Kimberly Graves, former head of a VA regional office in Minnesota, appeared before the Merit Systems Protection Board Wednesday to appeal the VA’s decision to strip her of her title in the wake of a scathing inspector general report. That report found Graves had pressured a colleague to leave his job so she could manipulate an employee relocation program and pocket nearly $130,000.” –Washington Examiner, January 29, 2016
  • Head of the International Monetary Fund, would this woman be kinder, more generous world leader when it comes to inequality? “Under [Christine] Lagarde, the Fund’s rhetoric has become warmer, but the policy advice has been familiar: austerity, and plenty of it.” –The Guardian, October 13, 2014
  • Wouldn’t this woman be as racially bigoted as the average male world leader? “’Should I ask him if he likes ’DJANGO?’’” asked Amy Pascal, a Sony Pictures’ co-chair. Where to begin unpacking that powder keg of race and class bigotry? Pascal is one of Hollywood’s most powerful people and certainly at the top of the movie industry’s list of most influential women. She must have a penetrating intellect and tremendous business savvy. So how is it possible for her to think that a 53-year-old, Harvard trained constitutional lawyer who is now president of the United States, is to be solely defined by his race?” Pascal tries to defend herself: “The content of my e-mails to Scott were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am.” Oh? Who are you? And would you now even be thinking you were insensitive and inappropriate if you hadn’t been caught? -liberal pundit Juan Williams
  • This world leader is just as reckless as a male leader: “It means that Angela Merkel must go — so that her country, and the continent it bestrides, can avoid paying too high a price for her high-minded folly” regarding Merkel’s no-limits immigration policy. -Ross Douthat, New York Times, January 9, 2016 — See also: “Merkel criticized for allowing prosecution of comedian who mocked Erdogan” -Yahoo News, April 15, 2016
  • As a world leader, would this woman treat the sexes equally? Gwyneth Paltrow “works hard for the money, and she would like to see more women in charge. ‘I’m in meetings with investment bankers, VC firms, private equity firms—you name it, across the board, men,’ she says. ‘Women in 30 minutes can get more accomplished than men in two hours,’ she argues.” What would she think of the man who, attending discussions at, say, daycare centers and maternity wards, said, “Men in 30 minutes can get more accomplished than women in two hours.” 
  • How well would countries with different values be treated by one of these feminists if she became a world leader: the feminists who don’t just walk away from speech they disagree with, but aggressively try to prevent others from hearing it
  • Did this woman manage the university’s money better than her male counterparts? “She was one of Texas Southern University’s most recognizable presidents, and one of only two women. But Dr. Priscilla Slade left that school in disgrace, accused of fraud and theft. She was indicted for unauthorized spending of school funds.” –MyFoxHouston.com, July 20, 2014
  • Could we trust this woman far as a leader of the world: “While Sharon Helman’s patients were buried on secret wait lists, with many veterans dying there, the now-fired Phoenix VA director and her family of seven were getting the VIP treatment at Disneyland and Universal Studios – and you paid for all of it. You paid for the Helman clan’s eight-day, run-of-the-park, $11,000 vacation last February — just two months before the VA scandal broke in Phoenix. Her sugar daddy: A lobbyist whose D.C. firm has hauled in millions of your tax dollars from federal contracts.” –AZCentral.com, December 26, 2014
  • As a world leader, how much understanding and compassion would this woman show toward men? “I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which man structurally does not have,” said former Congresswomen Barbara Jordan, “does not have it because he cannot have it. He’s just incapable of it.” –BrainyQuotes.com 
  • How trustworthy as a world leader would this officially unidentified CIA senior officer be? “The NBC News investigative reporter Matthew Cole has pieced together a remarkable story revealing that a single senior officer, who is still in a position of high authority over counterterrorism at the C.I.A.—a woman who he does not name—appears to have been a source of years’ worth of terrible judgment, with tragic consequences for the United States. Her story runs through the entire report. She dropped the ball when the C.I.A. was given information that might very well have prevented the 9/11 attacks; she gleefully participated in torture sessions afterward; she misinterpreted intelligence in such a way that it sent the C.I.A. on an absurd chase for Al Qaeda sleeper cells in Montana. And then she falsely told congressional overseers that the torture worked.” -“The Unidentified Queen of Torture,” The New Yorker, December 18, 2014
  • Could this female senator, as a world leader, be relied upon to be less hypocritical than her male counterparts? “According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, the political system is rigged to help Wall Street. For that, she blames Republicans, lobbyists, and President Obama. Yet, Warren is not entirely immune from the urge to help powerful financial interests — at least when they are local.” –The Boston Globe, October 22, 2014
  • Did Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and a female guard make the White House — never mind the world — safer than men would have? An intruder “ran through the White House, into the East Room and near the doors to the Green Room before being apprehended. They also told the committee that the intruder made it past a female guard stationed inside the White House….” –Huffington Post, September 29, 2014 “I wish to God you protected the White House like you’re protecting your reputation here today,” Representative Stephen Lynch, a Democrat of Massachusetts, told the Secret Service director, Julia Pierson, at her hearing. –New York Times, September 30, 2014
  • Could we expect this woman to stay focused as a world leader? “On the day Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving while intoxicated, video released from the night she was arrested shows jailers having to restrain her for resisting their commands to cooperate.” -See video.
  • If this woman were a world leader, would she be open and trustworthy? “Obamacare head Marilyn Tavenner told a top press official to delete an e-mail related to HealthCare.gov during the botched launch, according to documents released Friday. House Republicans are seeking emails from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services officials to discover exactly how Obamacare and HealthCare.gov’s rollout went so wrong. But it turns out that last October, Tavenner directly told CMS’s communications director, Julie Bataille, to delete an email chain with White House officials about HealthCare.gov and contractor Serco. ‘Please delete this email-but please see if we can work on call script,’ Tavenner wrote to Bataille, upon receiving an email chain which discussed talking points on getting through the then-nonfunctional Obamacare website and the efforts of Obamacare contractor Serco.” –The Daily Caller, August 15, 2014 
  • How much harmony would this woman generate as a world leader: “A liberal University of Iowa sex professor has a message for the school’s conservatives: F— YOU! Professor Ellen Lewin said as much in a response to a mass email from a campus Republican group promoting ‘Conservative Coming Out Week.’ In the email on Monday morning, the UI College Republicans called for conservatives in Iowa City to ‘come out of the closet’ and promote right-wing values that week.” –New York Daily News, April 21, 2011
  • If this woman ran the world, how fair could we expert her to be, given that she accused others of doing the exact same thing she did: “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called the lawsuit resolution ‘a veiled attempt for impeachment [of President Obama that] undermines the law that allows a president to do his job. A historical fact that President Bush pushed this nation into a war that had little to do with apprehending terrorists. We did not seek impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority.’ On June 10, 2008, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat, introduced a measure titled ‘Impeaching George W. Bush, president of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors.’ Eleven of Kucinich’s fellow progressives signed on as co-signatories. The sponsors of the Bush impeachment bill were congressional liberals in good standing with the Democratic leadership in the House, and most of them are still there, including…Sheila Jackson Lee. ‘She misspoke,’ her press secretary Mike McQuerry told inquiring reporters.” –RealClearPolitics, August 3, 2014
  • Would this woman have an open administration worthy of trust, if she were a world leader? “Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, angrily sputtered during a congressional hearing Friday that the White House should not be held up to scrutiny, saying that there was no right to know what it was doing behind closed doors. ‘You don’t have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government, my friend. That is the difference between a parliamentary government and a separation-of-powers government,’ Norton said during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing. It was, to put mildly, a significant departure from the more traditional liberal stance that openness and transparency are must to prevent abuses of power by government officials. Instead the leading advocate for statehood for the District of Columbia literally argued that even the congressional committee charged with oversight shouldn’t be asking questions in the first place.” –Washington Examiner, July 25, 2014 (Emphasis by Male Matters.)
  • How fairly would this woman run the world? “A former top Obama appointee solicited donations for the president’s reelection campaign on the job, according to audio recordings released by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis allegedly violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity on government time, when she invited an unnamed person to a fundraiser for President Obama’s super PAC. ‘Hi—this is Hilda Solis calling, um, just calling you off-the-record here—Wanted to ask you if you could, um, help us get folks organized to come to a fundraiser that we’re doing for Organizing for America for Obama campaign on Friday at La Fonda at 6 P.M.,’ she says in the voicemail obtained by the committee.” –Free Beacon, July 16, 2014
  • Would Hillary Clinton make a great U.S. president and world leader? How great would this make her: “Hillary Clinton insists that she donates fees for giving speeches at colleges and universities but still has not released documents to back up her claims. In an interview with ABC News’ Ann Compton Friday, Clinton defended the high-dollar fees she charges for speaking at universities by saying the money goes to charity through the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation she controls with her husband, former president Bill Clinton. But Clinton, in response to specific follow-up questions, has offered nothing but silence.” –ABC News, July 9, 2014
  • If this woman were a world leader, could we expect her to be more honest than a male counterpart? “A Department of Veterans Affairs memo that prohibits top administrators from answering questions from members of Congress, the media or veterans’ groups is being called a ‘gag order’ meant to cover up agency wrongdoing by a Kansas congressman. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, backed the charge by releasing the June 4 e-mail from Janet Murphy, acting deputy under secretary for health at VA, to dozens of top-tier officials nationwide instructing them not to talk to outsiders, including members of local congressional delegations. ‘Please immediately stand down on any further communications with stakeholders, delegation members and others regarding the Access Audit, Wait Lists and Accelerating Care Initiative,’ Murphy’s email states.” –Washington Examiner, June 11, 2014
  • How warm and loving toward the world’s people, especially the children, would this candidate for education superintendent be as a world leader: “A lawsuit alleges that as a teacher, Sally Atwater, running to be South Carolina’s Superintendent of Education, “routinely harassed, physically assaulted, and psychologically tormented a special needs child.” The lawsuit “claims that between 2013 and 2014, a special needs child identified as ‘BO’ was assigned to Atwater’s classroom, where she routinely subjected him to ‘malicious and demeaning comments’ about his disability, allowed her subordinate to forcefully handle BO and other special needs students, and once told the students that when they grew up, they were going to be ‘thugs, gang members, or end up in jail’ in front of school administrators.” –Mediaite, June 21, 2014
  • Could we trust this woman to give credit where it is due better than a male world leader? “CNN has discovered multiple instances of plagiarism by Marie-Louise Gumuchian, a former CNN news editor. We’ve terminated Gumuchian’s employment with CNN, and have removed the instances of plagiarism found in her pieces. In some cases, we’ve chosen to delete an entire article.” –CNN, May 16, 2014
  • How inclusive of the world’s people would these feminists, at a conference on feminist leadership, be as leaders of the world? “Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (NYFLC) — an event which promised to be about ‘inclusivity’ and welcoming everyone — only to be told that ‘conservative’ women were not welcome.” –Campus Reform.org, April 1, 2014 
  • Would this woman as a world leader readily promote harmony? “In recent months, Jill Abramson [the abruptly fired executive editor of The New York Times] has become a source of widespread frustration and anxiety within the Times newsroom. More than a dozen current and former members of the editorial staff, all of whom spoke to POLITICO on the condition of anonymity, described her as stubborn and condescending, saying they found her difficult to work with.” –Politico.com, April 23, 2013
  • How much could we trust this woman as a world leader? Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman “‘was called on an ethics consult evaluation about that — it’s written down, documented in July.’ That documentation includes e-mails from July 2013, which were reported by CNN, that show top management, including Helman, were well-aware about the actual wait times, knew about the off-the-books list and even defended its use to her staff.” –CNN, May 1, 2014 (May 26 update: Helman has since been placed on administrative leave, apparently for lying about the existence of the wait lists.)
  • Would monetary funds be in good hands with this woman if she were a world leader: “One manager, who was not identified in the report, used her travel card to withdraw $32,000 in cash so she could gamble, according to the inspector general.”-Washington Examiner, March 27, 2014 
  • Could we trust this woman as a world leader to be respectful to all law-abiding citizens? “Joan said that at around 11 a.m., Dr. Mireille Miller-Young — an associate professor with UCSB’s Feminist Studies Department — approached the demonstration site and exchanged heated words with the group, taking issue with their pro-life proselytizing and use of disturbing photographs. Joan claimed Miller-Young, accompanied by a few of her students, led the gathering crowd in a chant of “Tear down the sign! Tear down the sign!” before grabbing one of the banners and walking with it across campus. Joan said she called 9-1-1 and Thrin started filming, and that the pair followed Miller-Young and two of her students — who Joan referred to as “the fugitives” — into nearby South Hall. As Miller-Young and the students boarded an elevator, Joan said that Thrin repeatedly blocked the door with her hand and foot and that Miller-Young continually pushed her back. Miller-Young then exited the elevator and tried to yank Thrin away from the door while the students attempted to take her smartphone. “As Thrin tried to get away, the professor’s fingernails left bloody scratches on her arms,” Joan claimed. The struggle ended when Thrin relented, Miller-Young walked off, the students rode up in the elevator, and officers arrived to interview those involved.” –Santa Barbara Independent, March 11, 2014 (Update: Miller-Young has been charged with assault.)
  • As a world leader under pressure, would this woman be any more pleasant to deal with than the average male world leader? “The manager of a 7,300-subscribers JobBank newsletter in northeast Ohio, has offered an apology for her strident replies to applicant emails, which went viral over the past week or so.” Entrepreneur, February 26, 2014
  • How much cordiality was promoted by this woman? “A leaked phone call posted on YouTube caught Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland saying “f—k the EU” while speaking with  U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt.” –ABC News, February 6, 2014 
  • Would you be able to trust this woman as a world leader any more than a man in her place? “Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly is the latest casualty in a widening scandal that threatens to upend Christie’s second term and likely run for president in 2016. Documents show she arranged traffic jams to punish the mayor, who didn’t endorse Christie for re-election. The governor announced her firing Thursday, saying she lied to him and he is ’embarrassed and humiliated.’ A day earlier, emails and texts surfaced that linked Kelly to the gridlock, along with other top Christie aides. The messages show that they closed traffic lanes, creating backups in the town of Fort Lee.” –Huffington Post, January 9, 2014
  • As a world leader, would MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry fosterMelissa Harris-Perry harmony among political parties: She apologized Tuesday for allowing her show to engage in “openly mocking Mitt Romney’s black adopted grandson, after Sarah Palin led the chorus of conservatives who criticized the cable news host.” –New York Daily News, December 31, 2013
  • Could we trust Alberta Premier Alison Redford to stick to her promises if she were a world leader? She “would be breaking her no tax promise in reviving the ‘regressive’ and ‘unnecessary’ premiums, says the Alberta NDP and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).” –Calgary Sun, January 29, 2013
  • Would this university administrator be able to keep her time and energy focused on world-leader duties? “A veteran University of Colorado Denver administrator [Resa Cooper-Morning, the cultural diversity coordinator with UCD’s Ethnic Studies department]is under investigation and has been placed on paid administrative leave for apparently operating a phone sex business at the same time she has been getting paid by the university.” –Denver CBS 4, December 12, 2013
  • Would Maine’s disgraced Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett be more ethical than her male counterpart? She “had her law license suspended by the Maine Supreme Court for unethical behavior in the pursuit of convicting men accused of rape and assault.” –BangorDailyNews.com, July 15, 2013
  • Could we trust this female bank manager to be an honest world leader: “Linda Foss, who worked at US Bank from 1983 to 2012, most recently as a branch manager, is accused of siphoning off money directly from one customer’s certificate of deposit, or CD, account, reducing the balance from $972,000 to $353,000. Another former client said Foss had forged her signature on checks worth more than $40,000.” –Bankrate.com, June 3, 2013
  • Would this woman warm the hearts of women if she were president of a country? “Barbara Morgan, mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s communications director, said Wednesday she thought she was ‘off the record’ when she called Olivia Nuzzi, former intern for the campaign, a ‘slutbag,’ ‘t–t’ and ‘little c—.'” –New York Daily News, July 31, 2013 
  • How above-board about her extra-job activities would this woman be as a world leader: Anthony Weiner’s wife, “[Huma] Abedin, a longtime aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, worked for a little under a year as a ‘special government employee’ for the State Department. During that period in 2012, she was also working as a consultant for a private firm called Teneo, giving private investors information about the government. It has been reported that Ms. Abedin earned approximately $135,000 from the State Department while receiving $355,000 in consulting income for representing outside clients, as she remained a Federal employee and a trusted advisor to Secretary Clinton,” [Republican Sen. Chuck] Grassley wrote. ‘This raises important questions about whether her dual role was adequately disclosed to government officials who may have provided her information without realizing that she was being paid by private investors to gather information.'” -CBS News, “Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin under scrutiny over two jobs,” July 26, 2013
  • Would Florida prosecutor Angela Corey make a trusted world leader? Consider one lawyer’s view: “In June 2012, Alan Dershowitz, a well-known defense attorney who has been a professor at Harvard Law School for nearly half a century, criticized Corey for her affidavit in the Zimmerman case. Making use of a quirk of Florida law that gives prosecutors, for any case except first-degree murder, the option of filing an affidavit with the judge instead of going to a grand jury, Corey filed an affidavit that, according to Dershowitz, ‘willfully and deliberately omitted’ crucial exculpatory evidence: namely, that Trayvon Martin was beating George Zimmerman bloody at the time of the fatal gunshot. So Corey avoided a grand jury, where her case likely would not have held water, and then withheld evidence in her affidavit to the judge. ‘It was a perjurious affidavit,’ Dershowitz tells me, and that comes with serious consequences: “Submitting a false affidavit is grounds for disbarment.” –National Review, July 17, 2013
  • How credible and respected as a world leader would U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree be? “Pingree, who has long criticized the effects of big money and politics [and who recently married a billionaire!], went from giving to fellow politicians at an annual rate of about $180 a year to about $67,000 a year.” –Bangor Daily News, July 17, 2013 

Here’s the sort of anti-male propaganda that has led many to think the world would be better off if run by women: “A peevish, grudging rancor against men has been one of the most unpalatable and unjust features of second- and third-wave feminism. Men’s faults, failings and foibles have been seized on and magnified into gruesome bills of indictment. Ideologue professors at our leading universities indoctrinate impressionable undergraduates with carelessly fact-free theories alleging that gender is an arbitrary, oppressive fiction with no basis in biology.” -Author and lecturer Camille Paglia, Time.com, December 16, 2013

  • As a world leader, how well would this woman promote racial harmony between herself and those who disagree with her? “It isn’t about the administration, and it should not be about the administration of the state nor federal level when it comes to Obamacare,” said head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans. “But in fact it is. And why is that? I have talked to so many members in the House and Senate and you know what it comes down to? Are you ready for this? It is not about how many federal dollars we can receive. You ready? You want to know what it’s about? It’s about race. Now nobody wants to talk about that. It’s about the race of this African-American president. … It comes down to the race of the president of the U.S. which causes people to disconnect and step away from the substance of the bill.” –RealClearPolitics.com, June 4, 2013 
  • On the world stage, how open and honest would this woman be? “Windsor.Richard@epa.gov was the controversial email alias used by former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, who resigned earlier this year amid questions about whether her agency was complying with open-records laws.” –Washington Times, June 2, 2013 
  • As a world leader, would this woman refrain from advocating “enhanced interrogation”? “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to speak with Rutgers officials about a report that the athletic director [Julie Hermann] hired to clean up the school’s scandal-scarred program quit as Tennessee’s women’s volleyball coach 16 years ago after her players complained she ruled through humiliation, fear and emotional abuse.” –Huffington Post, May 26, 2013
  • Would IRS honcho Lois Lerner be an honest world leader? “The IRS apologized Friday for what it acknowledged was ‘inappropriate’ targeting of conservative political groups during the 2012 election to see if they were violating their tax-exempt status. The agency blamed low-level employees, saying no high-level officials were aware. But on June 29, 2011, Lois G. Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt organizations, learned at a meeting that groups were being targeted, according to the watchdog’s report. At the meeting, she was told that groups with ‘Tea Party,’ ”Patriot’ or ‘9/12 Project’ in their names were being flagged for additional and often burdensome scrutiny, the report says.” Also this: “A little more than a week ago Lois Lerner was in front of our Oversight Subcommittee. She serves as the director of the Exempt Organization Division, and she has been directly involved in this matter, yet she failed to disclose what she knew to this committee, choosing instead to do so at an ABA conference two days later,” Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) said on Friday morning. “This is wholly unacceptable.” –ABC News, May 17, 2013 
  • If Barbara Boxer were the U.S. president, how much harmony would she promote? Says she on the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead: “Who cut the funds from embassy security? The Republicans in the House, that is who — hundreds of millions of dollars. If it were not for the Democrats, it would have been cut more, because when it came here, we stood our ground. We had to accommodate their cuts. That is how the process works. So I think the Benghazi ‘scandal’ starts with the Republicans looking in the mirror.” The Washington Post’s FactChecker investigated her claim and reported May 16, 2013: “Indeed, it is almost as if Boxer is living in a time warp, repeating talking points from six months ago that barely acknowledge the fact that extensive investigations have found little evidence of her claim that ‘there was not enough security because the budget was cut.’ State Department officials repeatedly told Congress that a lack of funds was not an issue. Instead, security was hampered because of bureaucratic issues and management failures. In other words, given the internal failures, no amount of money for the State Department likely would have made a difference in this tragedy.”
  • Could we expect this woman as a world leader to be fair and impartial: “The very next day after [the president of the anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union, Colleen Kelley’s] White House meeting with the President, according to the Treasury Department’s Inspector General’s Report, IRS employees — the same employees who belong to the NTEU — set to work in earnest targeting the Tea Party and conservative groups around America.” –The Spectator, May 20, 2013 
  • How much faith should we put in this woman to be forthright and honest as a world leader? “The IRS apologized Friday for what it acknowledged was “inappropriate” targeting of conservative political groups during the 2012 election to see if they were violating their tax-exempt status. The agency blamed low-level employees, saying no high-level officials were aware. But on June 29, 2011, Lois G. Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt organizations, learned at a meeting that groups were being targeted, according to the watchdog’s report. At the meeting, she was told that groups with ‘Tea Party,’ ”Patriot’ or ‘9/12 Project’ in their names were being flagged for additional and often burdensome scrutiny, the report says.” – BigStory.AP.org Also this by a leftist Democrat: “A little more than a week ago Lois Lerner was in front of our Oversight Subcommittee. She serves as the director of the Exempt Organization Division, and she has been directly involved in this matter, yet she failed to disclose what she knew to this committee, choosing instead to do so at an ABA conference two days later,” Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) said on Friday morning. “This is wholly unacceptable.” – ABC News, May 17, 2013
  • Could this woman be trusted to be fair as a world leader? “The Internal Revenue Service official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit targeted tea party groups now runs the IRS office responsible for the health care legislation. Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, the IRS confirmed to ABC News,” May 17, 2013. What would feminists think about President George Bush if under his watch Ingram’s counterpart had targeted liberal groups, and the only punishment Bush handed out had been to promote him or her?
  • Could we depend on this woman as a world leader to make the world safer — or to merely protect her image? “On Wednesday, [Press Secretary Jay] Carney said the edits to Benghazi talking points were ‘stylistic and non-substantive,’ but the 12 revisions to the CIA’s initial draft include removing references to terrorist activity in Libya in the months before the September 11 attack. In particular, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in the emails between bureaucracies that references to al Qaeda-linked groups should be deleted, because they ‘could be abused by members [of Congress] to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings.'” –The Atlantic Wire, May 10, 2013
  • As leaders of the world, would these women run things more honestly than men? Regarding a school cheating scandal: “Ms. Parks admitted to Mr. Hyde that she was one of seven teachers who sat in a locked windowless room every afternoon during the week of state testing, raising students’ scores by erasing wrong answers and making them right. In the two and a half years since, the state’s investigation reached from Ms. Parks’s third-grade classroom all the way to the district superintendent at the time, Beverly L. Hall, who was one of 35 Atlanta educators indicted Friday by a Fulton County grand jury. Dr. Hall, who retired in 2011, was charged with racketeering, theft, influencing witnesses, conspiracy and making false statements.” –The New York Times, March 30, 2013
  • If it’s true — and I strongly believe it is — what the UK’s Daily Mail columnist Peter Lloyd says of Harriet Harman, a member of British Parliament and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, how well would she run the world by being unfair to men? “You see, while women like Harriet Harman complain about the gender pay gap (as they should), they’re remarkably silent on issues like the life expectancy gap — mainly because women have the upper hand.  –Daily Mail, October 9, 1213
  • Could we count on this woman to be an honest world leader: “Democrat Melowese Richardson has been an official poll worker for the last quarter century and registered thousands of people to vote last year. She candidly admitted to Cincinnati’s Channel 9 this week that she voted twice in the last election. According to county documents, Richardson’s absentee ballot was accepted on Nov. 1, 2012 along with her signature. On Nov. 11, she told an official she also voted at a precinct because she was afraid her absentee ballot would not be counted in time. ‘There’s absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud,’ said Richardson…. The board’s documents also state that Richardson was allegedly disruptive and hid things from other poll workers on Election Day after another female worker reported she was intimidated by Richardson…. During the investigation it was also discovered that her granddaughter, India Richardson, who was a first time voter in the 2012 election, cast two ballots in November.” –National Review, February 8, 2013
  • Was harmony, cordiality, and good will spread by Journal News’ publisher, Janet Hasson, and editor and vice president, Cyndee Royle, who published gun owners’ names in New York’s Westchester and Rockland Counties, because “sharing as much information as we could about gun ownership in our area was important in the aftermath of the Newtown [Connecticut] shootings….”? Their attempt to help curb mass killings wasn’t just woefully ineffective. Among other things, it enraged even many of the non-gun owners whose names and addresses weren’t published, thereby increasing the number and efficiency of burglars and home invaders who can now search the database for the easiest hits. It also makes gun-stealing burglars more efficient, putting more guns into the hands of criminals. And late word is that some of those in the two counties who don’t own a gun are rushing to buy one because they now feel more vulnerable than before. Ironically, this may greatly negate the number of gun owners shamed into giving up their weapons. Meanwhile, the two women seem to have gone into hiding, as opposed to, say, issuing an apology and retracting their map. They may end up getting fired by Gannett. –Rockland County Times, January 4, 2013 (Post script: On January 18, The Journal took down the map, but Janet Hassan said putting it up was not a mistake. Doesn’t that sound “just like a man,” not to admit a mistake?) 
  • As world leaders, what degree of harmony would these protesting feminists at the University of Toronto promote: “The protesters have no interest in hearing the other side, or engaging in a dialogue. It is absolute tyranny.” See video.
  • How compassionately would this school teacher have run Guantanamo Bay detention camp, given that she did this to a defenseless little brain-damaged child: “An internal report recently released by LPS includes witness statements saying Sharon Turbiak slapped and yelled at the children, let them fall and laughed about it instead of supporting them when they moved to the floor or a chair, and put a boy confined to a wheelchair in the bathroom for timeout for 15 to 20 minutes. The report says a parapro in the classroom spanked a child. Attorney Ven Johnson of Detroit, who represents Jayden Gohl of Plymouth, said a social worker saw Turbiak on March 5 grab Jayden by the top of his head and jerk it backward and yell directly into his face, ‘You need to listen to me.'” –Livonia Observer, November 21, 2012
  • Wasn’t Argentina supposed to magically turn into a peaceful, harmony-filled, problem-free country once a female became its leader? “Demonstrators marched against rising inflation, crime and corruption under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whose popularity has plummeted since she was re-elected last year as the economy wobbles.” –The London Evening Standard, November 9, 2012 (Update April 10, 2016: “Ex-Argentine President Fernandez charged with money laundering: media“)
  • Could we expect this woman to be open and transparent as a world leader: “The name Richard Windsor may sound innocuous, but it is allegedly one of the secret “alias” email accounts used by Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. “That is the name — sorry, one of the alias names — used by Obama’s radical EPA chief to keep her email from those who ask for it,” Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of the new book “The Liberal War on on Transparency,” told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email.” –Daily Caller, November 12, 2012 
  • Could we trust this State Supreme Court justice to be an ethical world leader uninfluenced by the temptation of easy money: After a bank agreed to let Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway and her husband sell their home “in Grosse Pointe Park along Lake St. Clair in a short sale for $840,000 — or nearly half of what they borrowed in 2007 — the other two homes were transferred back into Hathaway and Kingsley’s names, property records show.” –The Detroit News, October 9, 2012
  • Would this woman be an honest leader of the world? “Prosecutors said River Falls Mayor Mary Ella Hixon pleaded guilty to theft and resigned. In exchange, authorities dropped another felony ethics charge.” –10 News, Tampa Bay, October 12, 2012
  • How non-partisan as a world leader would Tracy Schmaler, director of the Office of Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Justice, be considering this: “Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request. E-mails show Schmaler conspiring with Media Matters staff member Jeremy Holden to attack those trying to expose the New Black Panther Party’s voter intimidation in Philadelphia. ‘Holden attacked former DOJ Civil Rights Division attorneys J. Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky on Sept. 20, 2010 for what he called an attempt “to reignite the phony New Black Panther Party scandal,”’ The Daily Caller said. Before Holden posted his article at 7:52 p.m., Schmaler sent him several e-mails with information helping him attack both former DOJ officials.” –The Daily Caller, September 20, 2012   
  • Would Kathleen Sebelius be ethical as a world leader? “The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) said Wednesday that Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated the law when she publicly endorsed Obama’s re-election and North Carolina Lieutenant Gov. Walter Dalton’s gubernatorial primary in a multi-way race during a taxpayer-funded public event on Feb. 25, 2012. The standard penalty for violating the Hatch Act is termination. But, the White House has suggested that Obama will offer Sebelius special treatment and let her keep her job.” –The Daily Caller, September 14, 2012
  • As a world leader, how trustworthy would this woman be? “Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008. Democratic leaders … urged Rosen to step aside and notified prosecutors….” –Baltimore Sun, September 11, 2012
  • When Janet Napolitano was inserted into her position as Secretary of Homeland Security, was it assumed the world would be better if she ran it? “Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been accused of sexual harassment and discrimination against male employees.” –FindLaw.com, August 13, 2012. And was the same thing assumed about Suzanne Barr, whom Napolitano appointed as the chief of staff for Immigration and Customs Enforcement? “In the newly emerging affidavits, one of the employees claimed that in October 2009, while in a discussion about Halloween plans, the individual witnessed Barr turn to a senior ICE employee and say: “‘You a sexy’ (expletive deleted). ‘She then looked at his crotch and asked, “How long is it anyway?” according to the affidavit.” –FoxNews.com, August 14, 2012. Often officials are suspended with pay. Barr voluntarily placed herself on leave. Did she go on leave with continued pay, hence “punishing” herself with a vacation? UPDATE on Napolitano: “A state audit released Tuesday concludes that the University of California Office of the President, led by former Obama administration DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, hid away $175 million while paying excessive salaries to staff and raising tuition on students.” –Hotair.com, April 26, 2017
  • Could we consider Judge Sylvia James a more trustworthy leader of the world than male leaders? “The Michigan Supreme Court in a July 31 opinion ruled James is ‘unfit for judicial office.’ Justices followed the recommendation of the Judicial Tenure Commission, which recommended James’ removal following a monthlong hearing. She was found guilty of misusing public funds and ethics violations.” -The Detroit News, August 8, 2012
  • Would Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as a world leader, promote trust and harmony? “Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India. This revelation comes mere days after the Democratic chair attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for holding money in Swiss bank accounts in the past. ‘Americans need to ask themselves, why does an American businessman need a Swiss bank account and secretive investments like that?’ the DNC chair, a chief surrogate for President Obama’s reelection team, said on Fox News Sunday two days ago.” –The Weekly Standard, July 10, 2012. And how would she promote world peace by lying that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said Republican criticism of President Obama is dangerous for Israel. 
  • As a world leader, how trustworthy and effective would this woman be? “Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office announced today that they were filing a civil lawsuit against Kelli Conlin, the former President of NARAL Pro-Choice New York. According to the complaint, Ms. Conlin, who for years was one of the most prominent advocates for women’s health in New York politics, abused her position by using more than $250,000 in charitable funds for her own personal benefit. The lawsuit charges that during her tenure as president, Ms. Conlin used charitable money to pay for shopping sprees at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York, rental of a five-bedroom vacation home in the Hamptons, personal travel, the salary of her children’s nanny, dinners at New York  restaurants, as well as thousands of dollars worth of take-out meals from restaurants near her home.” –Politicker.com, June 29, 2012
  • If Rep. Carolyn Maloney won’t answer a simple question from CNN’s ever-patient Anderson Cooper, how different is she from male representatives and how harmony-promoting would she be as U.S. president? See Cooper’s interview of her on April 27, 2012. 
  • “Donna Dewitt, the president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO, takes a baseball bat to a piñata featuring the Republican governor’s face. With onlookers cheering her on with comments like, ‘Wait ‘til her face comes around, then whack her,’ Dewitt repeatedly beats the piñata until it eventually falls down.” –Politico.com, May 24, 2012
  • As a world leader, how much harmony would political strategist Hilary Rosen create after mocking “Ann Romney for having ‘never worked a day in her life….'” –ABCnews.com, April 12, 2012
  • Would Kerri Dunn, visiting assistant professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in southern California, promote harmony between the races, if she ran the world? “In early March professor Dunn told police that vandals had damaged her car, stolen more than $1,700 worth of her personal property, and sprayed the vehicle with racial slurs. The professor, who is white, told the police she had been the target of ‘a well planned-out act of terrorism,’ for speaking out against racism on campus. … A week later it emerged that the ‘act of terrorism’ had indeed been planned — by professor Dunn herself….” -CaliforniaRepublic.org
  • General Services Administration chief Martha Johnson is resigning after a recent report from the watchdog responsible for the government agency revealed that a lavish conference hosted by the GSA cost more than $820,000, the Washington Post reports. In Nevada, 300 guests enjoyed extravagances such as pricey meals, entertainment from a clown and a mind reader. …[T]he agency’s tasks include ‘developing the rules followed by other federal agencies for conferences….'” –HuffingtonPost.com, April 3, 2012 – Is the country better off after this?
  • How much harmony would be promoted in the nation by a male pundit who referred to the Democratic Party as the party of basically old white feminists? Not much, is my guess. So how much harmony would be promoted by a President Joan Walsh (Salon.com’s editor-at-large) who said on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on February 29, 2012, that the GOP “is the party of old white men, basically.
  • “A Lancaster city district judge has been removed from the bench after she was charged Monday with a dozen criminal offenses. The charges stem from District Judge Kelly S. Ballentine’s dismissal last year of three tickets issued to her by a city police officer, according to a police affidavit. Ballentine is charged with six counts of tampering with public records, three counts of restricted activities due to a conflict of interest and three counts of obstruction of the administration of law.” -February 2012, YDR.com Could this woman be depended on to be better in her profession than men?
  • “Birth control … It is not a male issue, it is a female issue. I have never met a man who had the need for birth control.” –U.S. Rep. Eddie B. Johnson in video, interviewed on February 9, 2012, by MSNBC’s Martin Bashir. What can one say about Johnson? Astoundingly naive? Grossly sexist? Is she as oblivious to men in the reproductive sphere as she’d no doubt say men are oblivious to women in the productive sphere? As president of a country, how fair to men would she be? She’d be at least as fair as the worst male chauvinist, who might say, “I never met a married woman who had a need for a job. Wives belong at home with the children.”
  • “I saw pictures of Boehner and Cantor on our screens (at the convention). Don’t ever let me see again, in life, those Republicans in our hall, on our screens, talking about anything. These are demons.” –U.S. Representative Maxine Waters, Feb. 12, 2012. Is calling people who disagree with you “demons” — instead of debating — the way to promote harmony in the world? How does she differ in this than a male world leader, for example, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who called President George W. Bush a devil?
  • Is this how feminists imagined a female leader behaving, and how different is she from a male leader? “Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius angered women’s health advocates when she overruled the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to make the Plan B available over the counter for girls younger than 17. Many observers say the decision doesn’t square with the Obama administration’s promise to put science before politics.” –Minnesota Public Radio
  • According to the lawsuit, beginning February 2005 Judge Julie Creal allegedly displayed unwelcome behavior and physical touching toward Wade that was inappropriate, unprofessional, and sexually charged.” -November 27, 2011, Heritage.com If Ms. Creal were a world leader, how different would she be from a lot of male leaders?
  • MSNBC Democratic strategist Karen Finney: “I think that (black presidential candidate Herman Cain) makes that white Republican base of the party feel OK, feel like they are not racist because they can like this guy. I think he is giving that base a free pass, and I think they like him because they think he is a black man who knows his place. And I know that sounds harsh.” Finney is entitled to her opinions, of course, but when she implies she knows what a certain group thinks and that it thinks Cain is a black American who knows his place by freely choosing to run for president as a Republican, she assumes the worst of people without the slightest evidence to support her assumption. Is voicing such unsupported assumptions — and provoking the same assumptions from Republican strategists about Democrats knowing Obama is a black man who knows his place — how Finney as a world leader would help achieve the feminist-promised tranquility throughout the land? -Larry Elder, Investor’s Business Daily, November 2, 2011
  • At a luncheon, President Obama’s Labor Secretary Hilda Solis “offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them ‘teabaggers’….” Is insulting those with opposing views, rather than debating the merit of their views, how a female leader promotes the peace and harmony promised by feminists in a female-run world? Isn’t this exactly the sort of behavior her male counterparts have displayed, the male counterparts who feminists say have promoted discord in “patriarchal male ways”? –Sunshine State News, October 31, 2011
  • Regarding the Solyndra scandal: “Susan Richardson [is] the loan program office’s chief counsel and author of a controversial February 2011 legal memo clearing the way for private investors to get first dibs ahead of taxpayers on $75 million if the California solar company went bankrupt.” Richardson appears to have violated the 2005 Energy Policy Act. If so, is this how a female leader stands up for the little people and helps taxpayers? –Politico.com, October 26, 2011
  • French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde “raised eyebrows when she told ‘This Week’ anchor Christiane Amanpour that ‘libido’ marks the difference between how women and men approach business. ‘I think we inject less libido, less testosterone,’ the French iron lady remarked stone-faced. ‘Less libido?’ Amanpour inquired in utter incredulity. ‘Yes, and less testosterone into the equation,’ Lagarde reiterated. Her star has been rising fast in the jeopardous world of French politics. She is the first woman ever to become minister of economic affairs of a G8 economy, and may soon be the first to head the IMF.” –Al-Ahram Online, June 16-22, 2011
  • Hillary Clinton mocks GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in this CNN video. Is mocking the way a female leader promotes harmony? -CNN, October 20, 2011
  • Turkia Mullin is being investigated by the FBI: “There are 14 companies named in the subpoena, but of particular note is The Boji Group. The Lansing company is owned by Ron Boji, the brother-in-law of Wayne County Assistant CEO Nader Fakhouri, Ficano’s chief fundraiser at the county. Ron Boji is also one of Robert Ficano’s most reliable campaign donors, and has held fundraisers for Ficano at a Boji family home. While at Wayne County, Ms. Turkia Mullin helped award federal money that ultimately went to the Boji Group…including $750,000 last year to help build a YWCA headquarters in Inkster.” Ms. Millin is also accused of taking a $200,000 severance payment that she was not entitled to and must return to the taxpayers. –WXYZ.com, October 20, 2011 [Emphasis by Male Matters]
  • Tracy Schmaler, Justice Department’s chief spokesperson, apparently recently yelled at Sharyl Attkisson, a CBS investigative journalist digging into the “Fast and Furious scandal.” If Schmaler ran the world, would yelling at those who asked touchy questions be her way of resolving issues? -Washington Times, Oct. 5, 2011, with story and video
  • No doubt many feminists thought Betty Freidan would have made a great president or a senator. But how great do you think she would have been, after you heard her say to someone she disagreed with, as she said to Phyllis Schlafly, “I’d like to burn you at the stake”? Imagine her saying that in a campaign debate with, say, Hillary Clinton.
  • If elected U.S. president, how well would U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, promote racial harmony when she tries to stir up racial discord with such statements as: “‘[T]he minority community’ blames racism for the Republican refusal to increase the debt limit without conditions.” Did Lee conduct a poll of the minority community? If so, where is it? -“Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee — And the Race Card,” by Larry Elder, July 21, 2011
  • Many femininsts say there is never an excuse for violence. So why did Sara Duterte — the mayor of the Philippine city Davao — punch the court sheriff of the Regional Trial Court Branch 16 twice in the face? (One can envision the feminist repercussions if it had happened the other way around! That’s because feminists do not take women’s violence nearly as seriously as they take men’s.) So if Mayor Sara Duterte were president of a country, would she “slug” another county with weapons of war, rather than negotiate for peace and harmony? –GMA News, July 2, 2011
  • How’s this for members of the “cooperative, nurturing, non-aggressive” sex creating a more peaceful world: “In the end, it became the women foreign policy advisers against the men. Although Hillary Clinton initially resisted the idea of a no-fly zone [over Libya], she was persuaded at the beginning of this week by the Arab League’s endorsement of military action. And she had intense meetings with the Arab League leaders and a Libyan opposition leader this week. She … joined U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and two other women in the National Security Council [senior directors Samantha Power and Gayle Smith], who’ve been arguing for some time for more aggressive action.” -MSNBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell, as quoted by Politico.com. More at FoxNews.com: “Unless President Obama’s better instincts manage to reign in his warrior women — and happily, there’s a chance of that — the United States could find itself engaged in open war in Libya, and soon.”
  • Harriet Harman “is not only Deputy Leader [in the UK], she is also Minister for Women and a hard-line feminist by anyone’s standards. (She is best known for her introduction of an ironically titled ‘Equality Bill’ that would sanction legal discrimination against men in employment opportunities.)” –Barbara Kay, National Post, August 13, 2008 (This item was added March 9, 2011.)
  • How well would this woman have run, say, the Clean Housing Department: “Indeed, a Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton employee who’d just taken over the file again — she’d been attending worker for the family earlier — was in the house on April 2 and claimed to have seen nothing amiss, even after descending into the cellar. Yet just three hours later, police responding to an “unknown 911 call’’ at that address also went downstairs and recoiled from the stench, an odour so foul that one officer would testify he’d expected to find a decaying corpse.” –The Star, February 10, 2011
  • Does this sound like two female politicians promoting harmony and getting along? “Jane Harman’s career in Congress will come to a close in the next few weeks, when the California Democrat steps down in the middle of her ninth term to become the new president of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. In reality, though, it’s been over for years now — ever since Harman crossed Nancy Pelosi and Pelosi responded by shutting down Harman’s power center in the House (and her vehicle for national television exposure).” –Salon.com, February 7, 2011
  • “According to an internal State Department report released Thursday, less than a week after she quit, Cynthia Stroum’s management of the U.S. Embassy in [Luxembourg] was abysmal. The report says her tenure of about one year was fraught with personality conflicts, verbal abuse and questionable expenditures on travel, wine, and liquor.” –WOW News, February 4, 2011
  • The alleged cause of the December 2010 protests in Tunisia: “Mohamed Bouazizi [a street vendor who on December 17 set himself on fire] was publicly humiliated when a 45-year-old female municipal official, F. Hamdi, slapped him in the face, spat at him, confiscated his electronic weighing scales, and tossed aside his fruit and vegetable cart, all while her two colleagues assisted her in beating him.” –Wikipedia
  • A jury is expected to begin deliberating the fate Wednesday of the former CEO of the Coalition to End Family Violence, who is charged with grand theft and other crimes after attorneys make closing arguments in a trial that began last month.” –Ventura County Star, December 14, 2010
  • “The county exec wasn’t home, but his wife Leslie (who in September handily beat a field of five other primary candidates for a county council seat) heard the knock, saw two women at the door and made a brief phone call to her husband that her lawyers will likely spend weeks, if not months, trying to suppress. The FBI reported that they ‘recovered’ $79,600 from ‘her underwear.’” -Baltimore Sun, Nov. 13, 2010
  • Longtime Dallas congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives and a top aide’s two children since 2005, using foundation funds set aside for black lawmakers’ causes.” –Dallas News, August 30, 2010
  • “She is known around Detroit Police headquarters as the ‘Teflon Lieutenant.’ She reportedly had romantic relationships with the current and former police chiefs and was given a special parking space usually reserved for a high-ranking official, among other perks. She was put in charge of the department’s efforts to comply with the federal consent decree, a position some claim she used to get back at former supervisors who had disciplined her in the past. One officer who filed a lawsuit against her last week called her ‘tyrannical.’ Lt. Monique Patterson was a controversial figure in the department long before the latest firestorm surrounding romantic text messages Interim Police Chief Ralph Godbee sent while they were reportedly involved in a relationship last year. ‘Lt. Patterson was bringing down morale,’ said former Deputy Chief Katherine Tuttle, who retired last month in part, she said, because Patterson put ‘enormous pressure’ on her. ‘People would disagree with her in meetings and get written up,’ Tuttle said. ‘She was part of the inspection team (to ensure compliance with the consent decree), and we were ordered to issue written reprimands for any violations she found, no matter how minor.'” –The Detroit News, Aug. 12, 2010

No disrespect to women, but they’re as idiotic as men for the most part,” said late-night comedian Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” September 5, 2012. “We all have our problems. It’s not like if we had more women, there would be no more wars.”

  • U.S. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California is going to be accused by a House panel “of at least one ethics violation in her efforts to help a bank with ties to her husband….”
  • “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot.” –Octavia Nasr, CNN’s 20-year veteran and senior Middle East editor who was fired because of this Twitter statement. How much peacefulness did she promote in Israel, to which the Hezbollah is bitterly opposed?
  • Former member of the White House Press Corps. Helen Thomas explains in a June 2010 YouTube video exactly how she’d promote harmony between Israel and the Palestinians. Her explanation was her undoing.
  • Gloria Steinem in Revolution From Within: “The most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man on the street, or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband or lover in the isolation of their own home.”How’s that for promoting harmony between the sexes? What sort of policies would “President Gloria Steinem” push?
  • Detroit’s most powerful woman, Monica Conyers, wife of Congressman John Conyers, was sentenced March 10, 2010, to 37 months in prison for accepting bribes.Huffington Post
  • “Nancy Pelosi’s real lesson for America’s daughters: Women in power are just as capable of mastering Washington double talk, blame avoidance and partisan hackery as are men.” Michelle Maukin
  • Brigadier General Janice Karpinski is among seven officers being investigated following claims that soldiers under their command mistreated detainees. –BBC NEWS, 4/29/04
  • Supreme sexism: During her justice confirmation hearing in the 1980s, now-retired Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor was asked what she thought about the idea of women fighting in direct-ground combat. Her reply: “It is not appropriate for women to engage in combat to be captured or to be shot, as opposed to pushing a button someplace in a missile silo.” Not a word about “men are stronger.” No regret of war’s violence. No problem with soldiers getting shot or blown apart, so long as the soldiers getting shot or blown apart are males. Just pure and raw sexism in her supremely higher valuing of female lives. (Woe be to the male justice who hazarded to speculate even much more mildly, “It is not appropriate for men to engage in housework….”) -U.S. Congress, Senate, Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate, Nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor, Report No. J-97-51, 97th Congress, 1st Session, 1982, pp. 127-128 (as stated in Warren Farrell’s book Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?)
  • The U.S. Army discharged three soldiers for abusing prisoners at a detention center in Iraq. Two of the soldiers were females. Master Sgt. Lisa Marie Girman, 35, of Hazelton, Pa., knocked a prisoner to the ground, “repeatedly kicking him in the groin, abdomen, and head, and encouraging her subordinate soldiers to do the same,” Lt. Col. Vic Harris said. -Associated Press, Jan. 5, 2004
  • In perhaps one of the most shocking of the photographs that have emerged a woman private called Lynndie England is shown with a cigarette dangling from her mouth giving a thumbs-up sign while pointing at the genitals of a naked and hooded young Iraqi who has been ordered to masturbate. In another, a grinning England poses behind a pile of naked Iraqis piled in a clumsy pyramid. -“Warnings of abuse in Iraq’s prisons that were ignored,” Sunday May 2, 2004, The Observer.
  • “A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a horrible experience I had at the airport when an Air Canada agent ripped up my boarding pass after I had asked her if I had an aisle seat. She then told me she was giving my seat — the last one on the plane — to someone else.” -Rebecca Eckler, “We’re not happy until you’re not happy,” National Post Saturday, August 02, 2003
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration has been ordered to pay more than $500,000 to a former employee who said her boss [Jo Alice Mospan] forced her to quit for refusing to go along with a scheme to discriminate against male workers. -NewsMax.com Wires, Feb. 18, 2004, ” Anti-male Federal Agency Owes Whistleblower”
  • Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon has applied for an exemption from anti-discrimination laws to ensure 50 per cent of recruits are women. Under the affirmative action plan, half of the police academy recruits would be women, regardless of merit. –http://news.com.au, “Police jobs for the girls,” by Leela de Krester, April 29, 2003
  • Françoise Ducros, the Prime Minister’s communications director, described George W. Bush as a “moron.” She said this while standing in a press room at the NATO summit in Prague, when she was surrounded by reporters. She was heard not just by our correspondent but also by two journalists from Canadian broadcast media. Nevertheless, her non-apology yesterday would have you believe that this amounted to a “private conversation.” But her statement does not bare any kind of scrutiny, for she also claimed that in calling Mr. Bush a moron she was not expressing either the PM’s view — on or off the record — or her own personal opinion. If the opinion was not hers, and not her boss’s, whose opinion was it exactly? -National Post editorial, “An embarrassment on the world stage,” November 23, 2002
  • Darleen Druyunon, who retired as the Air Force’s No. 2 acquisition official in November 2002 and took a job with Boeing two months later, pleaded guilty to conspiracy for discussing a job with Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA – news) while still overseeing its business dealings with the Air Force. -Reuters, Apr 20, 2004, “Ex-Air Force, Boeing Aide Pleads Guilty,” by Andrea Shalal-Esa
  • The California Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that it’s rape if a man continues to have sex with a woman who originally consented but then changed her mind. “We conclude,” Justice Ming Chin wrote for the majority, “that the offense of forcible rape occurs when, during apparently consensual intercourse, the victim expresses an objection and attempts to stop the act and the defendant forcibly continues despite the objection.” In what she called a “sordid, distressing, sad little case,” Justice Janice Rogers Brown dissented, saying the majority provided no guidance about what constitutes withdrawal of consent and what amount of force turns consensual sex into rape. -Law.com, “Court: Rape Can Occur Even After Consent,” January 7, 2003
  • “Here’s an example of what happens today. At my job once, there was a team-building activity companywide. Each person was assigned a task only they could do. As each person performed his or her role, the team accomplished its goal. Each team, when done performing its task, was to integrate its piece with another team. Each team contributed to the building of a whole unit, which represented cooperation among all departments within a company. Instead of achieving corporate nirvana, a shameful quagmire resulted. In an instant, a dozen shrill, power-hungry women converged upon a table and started screaming at subordinates to follow their spontaneous, ill-prepared orders. They hijacked the plan, threw out the rules and imposed a cult of personality where the one who shouted the loudest and the meanest and the most often was the winner. A periphery of impotent employees, mostly men, ringed the dominant table of blond ambition.” -Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 30, 2002, ” Feminism rewards women who run roughshod over men,” by Alessandra Eakin
  • [T]he corporate scandals show that there is no shortage of women willing to play by the Good Ol’ Boys Club rules. Women like the freshly indicted Lea Fastow, wife of former Enron Chief Financial Officer Andy Fastow. A former Enron treasurer, Lea Fastow was recently carted off in handcuffs, charged with playing Bonnie to Andy’s Clyde by helping her hubby steal from the company via kickbacks from sham partnerships. And then there is Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy, who, like so many of her male counterparts, watched her compensation continue to climb as she presided over a company accused of book-cooking, fraud and plummeting stock value. She was rewarded with a 48% increase in salary and bonuses last year while the company had to “restate” its earnings by 36%, pay a $10-million penalty to settle Securities and Exchange Commission charges of deceiving investors and saw its share price drop by a fourth. Looks like, given the opportunity, the Xerox honcha simply copied the men. Clearly, the mere presence of more women in positions of power will not, by itself, be enough to guarantee a change in corporate behavior. Given the current business culture, the temptation for piggish behavior is far too great for both genders. -“Enough Piggishness for Both Sexes,” by Arianna Huffington, LA Times, May 15, 2003
  • At the University of California at Berkeley, Marianne Stanley’s teams fared poorly, and in 1998 she hired a recruiting coach, Sharrona Alexander, from Troy State University in Alabama, a successful school good at attracting talented recruits. But when Alexander told the head coach she was pregnant, Stanley gave her the choice of aborting her child or keeping her job. This is not what pro-choice means, and it is also against the law. Stanley believed that pregnancy would prevent Alexander from doing her job, which is medical nonsense and positively insulting. Stanley herself did not find pregnancy a hindrance to her own college basketball career, much more strenuous than Alexander’s job, which was recruiting. Pat Summit, head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee, a perennial powerhouse, worked into her ninth month and gave birth to her son on a recruiting trip. When Alexander exercised her right to choose by declining to have an abortion, Stanley summarily fired her. The firing took place in the middle of a midwestern recruiting trip, leaving the young woman in desperate straits. Alexander sued for pregnancy discrimination, and in 2000 won a settlement of $115,000 from UC Berkeley, which hushed up the incident, not Stanley’s first lapse. In 1997, UC Berkeley also paid $20,000 to an African-American student whom Stanley had called a “black bastard.” After the Washington Post broke the Alexander story in September, there was little comment from high-profile feminists, which reveals a continuing double standard. Imagine the furor if a male coach had told a recruiter that being pregnant would prevent her from fulfilling her duties, or demanded that she have an abortion to keep her job. A male coach who did that would be fired. Stanley was not. Indeed, after this incident, Berkeley continued to recommend her for other jobs. Marianne Stanley leaves little doubt, for those who still have any, that women can be as ignorant, tyrannical, and discriminatory as men. And evasive as well. Stanley failed to tell her current employer, the Washington Mystics, about her legal scrapes at Berkeley. Unfortunately, with few exceptions, she has been spared the criticism that her actions deserve. While Stanley, WNBA coach of the year last season, has been given immunity, the victim has found herself an outcast. –Pacific Research, October 8, 2002, “Choice Contradictions, Double Standards,” by Sally C. Pipes
  • A former cook, the daughter of a high-ranking supervisor at the Snohomish County Jail, is under investigation for allegedly fondling male inmates and offering to perform sex acts after they were sent to work with her in the kitchen last year. -“Ex-jail cook may face sex charges,” March 4, 2003, by Scott North, Herald Writer 
  • Jan Stephenson, who became the first woman to play on the Champions Tour and was the original glamour girl of women’s golf, said Asians are “killing” the LPGA Tour and their numbers should be limited. -“Ex-star cites ‘lack of emotion’; also says Tour must ‘promote sex appeal’,” Oct. 10, 2003, MSNBC.com
  • A female prison doctor has been sacked after she was found having sex with a prisoner during a medical examination. -Ananova, 19th December 2002
  • Laura Joy is the best known criminal lawyer in Canada right now — all because she showed some cleavage in the courtroom of Ontario Court Justice Micheline Rawlins, who said she would not hear Joy’s case until she had changed her clothes. Justice Rawlins insists on a “conservative” dress code. -March 31, 2002, “Order in the court! No cleavage allowed,” by Connie Woodcock, Toronto Sun
  • An Italian mother superior nicknamed The General is under investigation after allegations she mistreated six trainee nuns. Tekla Familglietti, head of the 650-year-old Daughters of St Brigid order, is said to have reduced the would-be nuns to slavery. As a result of their treatment the women, aged between 31 and 44 and all from India, ran away from the Rome nunnery and alerted police. -Ananova, ”Mother Superior accused of mistreating novice nuns,” February 6, 2004
  • The film industry’s idea of equality means that now women too can make violent and masochistic movies. -The Guardian, October 31, 2003, “Sex and violence, feminist style,” by Cherry Potter
  • “When I started at the job the girls in the office were bullying this (male co-worker),” Angela Timms says. “There were about six or seven girls. The office was run by a lady who led the bullying against him. They would shout at him, intimidate him and belittle him. I couldn’t believe the shouting, it was just awful. I saw him almost crying a few times.” -The Age (Melbourne), February 26, 2004, “My boss, the bitch,” by Michelle Hamer
  • Quite a few liberals who are appalled by [Ann] Coulter’s crude and nasty attacks don’t notice the nastiness of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s recent swipe at Clarence Thomas, when she wrote of his dissent in the Supreme Court ruling upholding affirmative action, ”The dissent is a clinical study of a man who has been driven barking mad by the beneficial treatment he has received.” -“Pure nastiness right and left,” by Cathy Young, Boston Globe, July 14, 2003
  • The FBI and the Claremont police promptly investigated the smashing of Professor [Kerri] Dunn’s automobile and concluded that Professor Dunn was herself the perpetrator of the “hate crimes” in issue. In “Claremont hate crime called hoax,” today’s Los Angeles Times reports: A week after a reported campus hate crime drew national attention, sparked protests and shut down the prestigious Claremont Colleges [near Los Angeles], police on Wednesday called the incident a hoax staged by a professor who slashed tires, shattered windows and spray-painted racist graffiti on her own car. –www.sfgate.com, “Claremont professor suspected of staging hate crime,” March 17, 2004, Associated Press
  • Jacksonville Congresswoman Corrine Brown has some harsh words for the Bush administration and its policy on Haiti, saying it’s “racist” and his representatives are “a bunch of white men.” Brown’s outburst came yesterday in Washington, during a closed briefing on the Haiti crisis. It was directed at Roger Noriega, who is the State Department’s top official for Latin America. Noriega told Brown he was offended at being called a racist and a white man, since he is a Mexican-American. Brown responded by saying, “You all look alike to me.” -Firstcoastnews.com, February 27, 2004, “Congresswoman Brown Calls Bush’s Haiti Policy Racist”
  • It’s a great way to start a new year: a fight between two huge media institutions. The players are CBS News’s “60 Minutes” and Ed Bradley vs. the New York Times’ Sharon Waxman. I told you Tuesday and Wednesday that there was trouble with Waxman’s reporting on the Michael Jackson story. On Tuesday most of her reporting was stuff she could have found — and most likely did — right in this column. Waxman wrote all about the Nation of Islam’s influence over Michael Jackson without even bothering to interview anyone from the NOI. I’m surprised she didn’t lift our own interview with NOI chief of staff Leonard Muhammad. –Foxnews.com, Friday, January 02, 2004, “CBS and Jacko: New York Times Reporter’s Second Mistake?” by Roger Friedman
  • The old girl’s network at work: With a salary of $79,650 a year, state Rep. Marsha Cheeks can afford a lawyer. But the Detroit Democrat turned instead to a nonprofit law firm that represents poor people when she went to court against Wayne County in a dispute over property ownership. Cheeks didn’t break any laws, and her victory in the case may help bring about some needed changes in the way the county notifies property owners of foreclosures. But she tied up two lawyers from the Legal Aid and Defender Association — an agency that is supported by United Way donations — and paid only the court filing fees. There’s no way Cheeks or anyone making almost $80,000 a year could be classified as poor. And there are plenty of poor people in Detroit who could use the help of a lawyer. The Legal Aid and Defender Association is not complaining, because Cheeks — sister to U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and an aunt of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick — was a high-profile client with an issue that needs the kind of attention she brought to it. But the agency didn’t approach Cheeks to undertake a precedent-setting case. She came to them seeking something for herself, and they made the most of it. It would be different if Cheeks had merely lent her name as a plaintiff to a class-action case. Instead, she appears to have taken advantage of her office and her name to get something for next to nothing, raising ethical issues. – “Legal Aid,” Detroit Free Press, March 17, 2004
  • When parents relying on public transportation were 25 minutes late for the third day of a trial to take their daughter away, Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman abruptly ended the proceedings and ruled against them. On Wednesday the 4th District Court of Appeal overturned Aleman’s ruling, saying she abused her discretion by refusing to set aside her judgment later. “The purpose of the statute is not to inject `gotcha’ practices into the dependency process,” the appellate court wrote. It was the second time this year the appellate court criticized the controversial Aleman, a judge for 11/2 years, for going too far in similar cases. -“Court raps Broward judge for ‘gotcha’ ruling in child-custody case,” by Paula McMahon, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, May 22, 2003
  • Unaware that a live microphone was broadcasting their words around the Capitol, Assembly Democrats meeting behind closed doors debated prolonging California’s budget crisis for political gain. Members of the coalition of liberal Democrats talked about slowing progress on the budget as a means of increasing pressure on Republicans. A microphone had been left on during the closed meeting Monday, and the conversation was transmitted to about 500 “squawk boxes” that enable staff members, lobbyists and reporters to listen in on legislative meetings. Some members of the group, including Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, said if the budget crisis were extended, it could improve chances for a ballot initiative that would make it easier for the Democrats to raise taxes by lowering the threshold for passage from two-thirds to 55 percent. -“Open microphone catches California Democrats talking about prolonging budget crisis,” July 22, 2003, http://www.sfgate.com/
  • The first woman to head the Cook County public defender’s office has been slapped with allegations that her office does a poor job of promoting its female managers. The complaint, filed Tuesday with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by four women and three men, contends that the office managed by Public Defender Rita Fry has favored men for career advancement. The complaint also alleges that Fry’s office lacks an “objective, non-discriminatory” means of setting salaries and awarding promotions. -“Public Defender a Biased Boss, 7 Say,” by Robert Becker, Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2000
  • A South African court convicted Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and her broker on dozens of counts of fraud and theft on Thursday in a move that could send the anti-apartheid heroine and member of parliament to jail. -Reuters, ” S. Africa’s Winnie Mandela Found Guilty of Fraud,” April 24, 2003, by Andrew Quinn
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways has scrapped plans to install bright-red urinals shaped like women’s open lips at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport, saying it had received complaints they were offensive. NOW [National Organization for Women] had posted a message on its Web site urging members to complain to Virgin chief Richard Branson. “I don’t know many men who think it’s cool to pee in a woman’s mouth, even a porcelain one,” said NOW President Kim Gandy on the group’s Web site. The urinal, designed by a Dutch company, was the idea of a female designer. – http://story.news.yahoo.com, Reuters, March 21, 2004
  • By now you’ve seen Louisiana GOP candidate Suzanne Haight-Terrell’s charge that Incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu threatened her after their debate. After the debate, Landrieu turned to Terrell and snapped, “This is your last campaign.” A stunned Terrell replied, “She threatened me.” The “threat” is backed up by witnesses. Moderator Alec Gifford said Landrieu “appeared peeved,” and stalked out of the studio in a huff. Landrieu didn’t deny making the remark. Her spokesman, Rich Masters, tried to play it off as “a prediction,” saying that “after running such a negative campaign, Terrell would no longer be viable as a candidate in Louisiana.” A Terrell spokesman was shocked at what happened and saw it “as a sign of Landrieu’s desperation.” Remember the first Year of the Woman? (Every year is called that now.) The press gushed that with more women in high office, everything would be civil. They said wars would end. They promised a new sensitivity, a higher level of debate and tone, and no backbiting or partisanship. Where are the softened edges, huh? The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that, “the bad blood has been a long time coming during the primary,” and editorializes within a supposed news story that “the National Republican Senatorial Committee financed a bare-knuckled campaign.” So I guess it’s all a bunch of BS, that more women in politics means more civil debate. Now we have a babe threatening another babe. “This is your last campaign.” That’s another way of saying, “You’re not going to make it beyond sundown, Suzie-Q.” – “Louisiana Catfight Gets Personal,” November 25, 2002, http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has lent her name and presence to a lecture series cosponsored by the liberal NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, an advocacy group that often argues before the high court in support of women’s rights that the justice embraces. In January, Ginsburg gave opening remarks for the fourth installment in the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Distinguished Lecture Series on Women and the Law. Two weeks earlier, she had voted in a medical screening case and taken the side promoted by the legal defense fund in its friend-of-the-court brief. Although Ginsburg was well known as a lawyer for her support of women’s rights, Hofstra University law professor Monroe Freedman said she should have severed her public ties with advocates for women’s issues when she was elevated to the Supreme Court by President Clinton in 1993. “I think this crosses the line,” he said. -“Ginsburg Has Ties to Activist Group,” Richard A. Serrano and David G. Savage, LA Times, March 11, 2004
  • A woman described as a major player in a worldwide computer software piracy organization was sentenced to nine years in prison and ordered to pay $11 million in restitution to software giants Microsoft and Symantec. -“Woman to pay $11M in software scam,” by Linda Deutsch, Salon.com, November 23, 2002
  • While it used to be mainly men both running sex shops and shopping in sex shops in Norway, women are taking over this scene these days. -“Women dominate sex shops,” July 18, 2003, http://www.nettavisen.no/
  • “I contend it is now time to raze Falluja.” -Tammy Bruce, “Raze Falluja,” April 2, 2004, by Tammy Bruce, Men’s News Daily. Bruce, a feminist, is a former president of the LA Chapter of the National Organization For Women.
  • What kind of world leader would this woman have made? Rebecca Ann Latimer Felton (June 10, 1835 – January 24, 1930) was an American white supremacist, lynching advocate, writer, lecturer, reformer, and politician who became the first woman to serve in the United States Senate. –Wikipedia

These examples of women in male roles represent only a tiny fraction of the examples I have accumulated in my folder. (And those in my folder are only a tiny fraction of the examples available in the media. And the examples in the media are only a tiny fraction of the women flubbing it out there in “male” roles.) But they should be enough to demonstrate that when women step up to the plate to do what men do, they perform no better than men, and that if women ran the world, it would not be, as some feminists claim, a better place. Nor would it be, as some conservatives claim, a worse place.


“Women are not inherently passive or peaceful. We’re not inherently anything but human.” —Feminist activist Robin Morgan See also “Women Doing Lousy Things,” “Equal Wrongs,” “The Myth of the Fairer Sex,” and “If Women Ruled the World, Nothing Would be Different by progressive feminist Lisa Jervis, who wants feminists to subscribe to many socialist ideas I disagree with. 

Here is a partial list of the world’s female leaders as of October 2006:

  • President Mary McA leese of Ireland
  • Prime Minister Hon. Helen Clark, New Zealand
  • President Tarja Halonen, Finland
  • Executive President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Philippines
  • Governor-General Michaëlle Jean, Canada
  • Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany
  • Executive President Michelle Bachelet Jeria, Chile
  • Prime Minister Por tia Simpson-Miller, Jamaica
  • Prime Minister Han Myung-sook, South Korea.

Related: “Would the world be more peaceful if there were more women leaders?” -October 27, 2017 (Be sure to read the comments.)


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3 Responses to Would the World be Better If Women Ran It?

  1. Don Bridges says:

    I want to thank Don Dutton and all those who helped create and maintain this site. Every day, I see a new and different website dedicated to helping men and boys rise from the hell they have had foisted onto them. This gives me hope. All men are not alike and we, as men, should stop expecting ourselves to be. Most seem to want to compete with each other about who is right etc, but one thing we had better get right and the sooner the better, is for all men to stick together to accomplish a common goal. Men should have never left the equality politics and policy making to feminists because just what did men think most (not all) women would do with their new found, ill-gotten, unbridled power?…become better wives, mothers, and make increased sacrifices to better the human condition? Didn’t we really suspect deep down that once empowered, some bad women will become obsessed with seeking to blame, punish, and control not just men but boys, girls, babies (if they survive being killed by their mothers), indeed, everything, everywhere, for everyone?

    This site has the most interesting flavor of trying to instill in men that until they man up and do the uncomfortable things needed to ensure true equality, then they are being their own worst enemy. The boys do not deserve this maltreatment at the hands of feminists—nor at the hands of uninvolved and apathetic men. Men must provide protection for boys’ futures too you know—and that isn’t limited to helping boys get laid and patting them on the back when they do. Their is more to manhood than sex adventures, fatherhood, seeking validation, copying each other and allowing ourselves to be corralled into a one size fits all mentality.

    Again, thanks so much for your candor, wit, sacrifices, efforts, and bravery to stand like real men in the face of adversity. In short, thanks for your character! The boys will thank you someday and I do now.


  2. Tom Dockery says:

    Women cannot compute quickly enough to be good gamblers.


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