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If HLN TV’s Nancy Grace has taught me anything, it’s that too often a baby or small child disappears under the watch of its mother. Yet a U.S. Violence Against Women Act was (unconstitutionally) passed to protect her!


This medical bias against Australian men borders on being criminal: “Between 2000 and 2007, the National Health and Medical Research Council spent $51,559,784 on female cancer research and just $15,099,474 on research for male cancer. Yet, male overall health is in a desperate state, not only in a physical sense but mentally and socially as well, highlighted by the fact that close to five Australian men commit suicide every day.” Which sex is oppressed? More


In new research which has potential implications for single-sex education as well as team-building in the workforce, Australian National University Economics Professor Alison Booth said the findings undermined a commonly held perception that men were naturally more inclined to make risky decisions than women. Women, in fact, can be more inclined than men to make a risky decision if they have the support of other women, the research shows.” More….


Who says women don’t judge men by their looks as much as the reverse? “According to the LatinEuro survey men are being sized up by women just as much, and heavy hits on hunky hulks are higher than men with a church mouse look.” More in a Yahoo news report


Despite the false feminist claim that men have always conspired against women, especially in patriarchal times, here’s yet another example of men conspiring against men to maintain an oppression of men: “Under Woodrow Wilson, Eugene V. Debs was sentenced to 10 years in prison for calling for draft resistance during World War I. His conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court, led by that alleged civil libertarian Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.” This is similar to the patriarchal conspiracy of forcing men to yield to women when approaching the lifeboats of a sinking ship. Source


On the subject of dating, commenter #8, Mike, says at on July 11, 2007 (with minor editing by Male Matters):

There is one major problem with the [often suggested] “whoever asks, pays” rule, and that is that 99.9 percent of the time it is the man who does the asking (no ifs ands or buts about it). Sure, there might be some places where women are agressive and might ask a guy out, but this is the exception rather than the rule and even then I’m willing to bet most of these women still expect the man to pay. My solution? Don’t take a woman out to dinner or other places where money is an issue on the first date(or first few dates for that matter). If she says no to your suggestion of going to a free concert, a walk in the park, a cup of coffee or dinner at your place, then good riddance. She was just interested in the free ride anyway and not really interested in getting to know you.

Also, the only first date worse than dinner (where you get to see the eating habits of someone you barely know) is a movie. You sit there for two hours and can’t even talk to them and get to know them better. Interactive dates (where you get to know each other) are probably the best to start out with. Also, I think anything where too much money is involved could be considered threatening to the woman. After all, she would probably be thinking that if she accepts to go out with the guy then he is probably expecting something in return. “No thanks,” she thinks to herself.

The bottom line is trying to buy someone’s affection is never a good idea. After all, you don’t try to get your friends to like you by paying for them, do you?


Women often commit the sort of crime as described in this clipping, which gives us yet another member of the “compassionate, would-never-hurt-anyone” sex who defies the feminist stereotype:

A federal judge has ordered a woman to repay $1.68 million to consumers victimized by a scam that offered tips about obtaining government grants for a fee, the Federal Trade Commission said in a news release. Meggie Chapman was accused by the FTC and attorneys general in Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina and Illinois of promoting the scam through mass mailings produced by a company she ran in Arizona. Victims received postcards that promised $25,000 in government grant money. When they called a telephone number on the cards, they were offered a book on grant writing for $59. Victims who paid the fee rarely were awarded grants, the FTC said. More than 8,000 people had been victimized since 2007.” More


Many feminists say more women have Alzheimer’s because of medical neglect. Here are the facts from a horse’s mouth:

Nearly half of people aged 85 and older (43 percent) have Alzheimer’s disease.

Of those with Alzheimer’s disease, an estimated 4 percent are under age 65, 6 percent are 65 to 74, 45 percent are 75 to 84, and 45 percent are 85 or older.

Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias in Women and Men

More women than men have Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Almost two-thirds of all Americans living with Alzheimer’s are women. Of the 5.2 million people over age 65 with Alzheimer’s in the United States, 3.4 million are women and 1.8 million are men. Based on estimates from ADAMS, 16 percent of women aged 71 and older have Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia compared with 11 percent of men.

Further analyses show that the larger proportion of older women than men who have Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia is primarily explained by the fact that women live longer on average than men. Moreover, many studies of the age-specific incidence (development of new cases) of Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia have found no significant difference by gender. Thus, women are not more likely than men to develop dementia at any given age. More


And yet another member of the group that “would never lie about rape” defies the feminist stereotype by concocting a new reason to falsely charge rape: “She split her own lip with a pin, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper and had her friend punch her in the face. Investigators say she even ripped open her blouse, then wet her pants to give the appearance she had been knocked unconscious. But it was all part of what authorities said Friday was an elaborate hoax by the woman to convince her husband she was raped so they could move to a safer neighborhood.” Said Sacramento police Sgt. Andrew Pettit, “She went to great lengths to make this appear real.” More… How many other women have gone to such detailed lengths to be convincing to friends, family, and authorities?


For our sons or grandsons today a woman’s biology is a man’s destiny. Here’s why. If he has sex with a woman, says she’s on birth control, but isn’t, and becomes pregnant, she has four options: inform him; don’t inform him; abort; or sue for support. Our sons can agree, or agree. Or go to prison for non-payment of support. Today, when our son or grandson puts his penis in a woman’s body, he puts his life in her hands. Her biology has become his destiny.” More by Warren Farrell


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