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A lesson for feminists on how to understand men

“It appears I have allowed this propensity I have developed at work to carry over to my personal life, as well.” Continue reading

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U.S. Open Male Tennis Players Receive Unequal Treatment

Men in general are as timid about asking for gender equality as black Americans were about asking for racial equality before the 1960s. Continue reading

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Feminists don’t want you to know how women help create the wage gap: Women “want rich husbands, not careers”

“By the late 1990s, the proportion of women who were ‘marrying up’ had almost doubled to 38 percent.” Continue reading

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Heart Disease and The New Sexism

Even thousands of men, including many male doctors such as CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and ABC TV’s Dr. Oz, take part in the fight against women’s heart disease but not against men’s. Continue reading

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A Spoof: In Our Feminist Future?

Will we one day have, because of chivalrous men and ideological feminism, a Feminist News Network channel whose slogan might be “All News Only About Women All the Time”? Continue reading

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Is this the future under Obama’s pay-equity laws?

Does this fictional scenario depict the future under Obama’s pay-equity laws? Continue reading

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Big Changes in the Impact of Childcare on Working Women

“The study shows that a significant percentage of college-educated women whose husbands make more money have the urge to leave their careers.” Continue reading

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