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Males pay higher auto insurance and life insurance premiums because they cost these insurance companies more money than females. (On average males have shorter lives — thus must pay the same amount for insurance in a shorter time — and drive more and take more risky chances.) Females pay higher health insurance premiums because they cost the insurance companies more money than males (they live longer and go to the doctor more often, even factoring out maternity care). Women’s groups complain only about the insurance “discrimination” against women, and most of the media listen only to them.


“Recently I visited China. The preference for boys there is well entrenched in the culture and it is hard to deny that there is overt preference, to the point of prejudice. … Yet…it may be overly hasty to attribute [this attitude] to oppression and prejudice. My Chinese colleagues pointed out that Chinese tradition and law stipulate that a son is responsible for taking care of his parents in their old age. A daughter is not. [Emphasis by Male Matters] If your son does not provide for you, you can sue him, and there were such cases in the courts, as reported in the newspapers I read while I was there. You cannot sue your daughter, though.[Emphasis by Male Matters] In a society that does not have reliable pensions, Social Security, and other provisions for the elderly, this is extremely important. The desire for a son is not necessarily a sign of some irrational bigoted hatred of the female gender. It may simply be a prudent concern with who is going to feed you when you are too old to work. You can’t count on your employer or the government to do it. You can’t even force your daughter to do it. But you can force your son to do it.” -Roy F. Baumeister in his book, Is There Anything Good About Men? How Cultures Flourish By Exploiting Men, pp. 14-15, hard cover edition


Male Matters divides society into two “worlds” — the world of work (the productive world) and the world of children (the reproductive world). Each needs the other for its survival, and both obviously are needed for civilization’s survival. Thus, the two worlds are equally important.

When women demanded full integration into the productive world, the government at every level responded with an endless array of programs designed to appease that demand and enforce women’s full integration.

Since men first demanded full integration into the reproductive world, their demand has mostly gone ignored. That’s largely because not enough men took up the banner against the sexism. (See “Why Few Men Protest Anti-male Sexism.”)

I suspect that in time ideological, organized feminists sensed men’s powerlessness in the gender arena (all the while complaining about “pervasive male power” to prevent men from complaining about what feminists do), then shifted their goal from achieving equality for both sexes to ending men’s dominance in the productive world and preserving women’s dominance in the reproductive world. To my knowledge, not one feminist activist has said men should be given, for example, the reproductive right that equates to women’s right of abortion, namely the right not to be legally required to support a child a man did not want. Likely, hell will freeze over before that happens.


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