A Spoof: In Our Feminist Future?

We may one day have, because of chivalrous men and ideological feminism, a Feminist News Network channel whose slogan might be “All News Only About Women All the Time.” The jump-starter may be “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams.” It is run by a woman who apparently is a feminist. It regularly reports on women’s health and far less frequently on the health of the group that has the shorter life span and dies sooner of the 14 leading causes of death. (Black men, the unhealthiest, shortest-living group, ought to take heed.)

Enjoy a chuckle or two (though not everyone will).

Suppose our society continues to bend to ideological feminists’ yearnings and demands. These demands, uneasily teaming up with chivalry, may produce many extremes. One may be a Feminist News Network channel (FNN). In the year, say, 2020, with an overvoice prattling the theme “All News Only About Women All the Time,” FNN might report the news thusly:

· “Floods have driven thousands from their homes in the small Texas town of Brownsville. Of course, women are the hardest hit, as they usually are in disasters (see Gender and Climate Change), natural and otherwise. Shelters for Brownsville women are under way, as is government funding to cover their losses.”

· “In yesterday’s North Dakota plane crash, blamed on poor aircraft designing by male engineers, two of the 189 passengers killed were women and four of the 246 injured were women. Outraged at this tragic loss of female life, feminist groups immediately demanded that the airline industry equip passenger planes with extra female-fitting restraints and other protective devices to safeguard female passengers. The industry’s initial response was positive. Moreover, a spokeswoman promised that male passengers will be surcharged to finance the additional protective equipment for women.”

· “The record on the number of soldiers killed in the Civil War has finally been removed from male influence and corrected. We now learn that over 600,000 women and girls were killed, not 600,000 men and boys as previously recorded by sexist male historians seeking to glorify men as war heroes and protectors of the nation. Other records have been corrected, and the total number of soldiers killed in wars since the Civil War now stands at over 20 million women. President Hillary Clinton has enthusiastically endorsed this update.” (See “The Mainstream Media Don’t Report Fairly on the Sexes’ Risk and Sacrifice in War.”)

· “The president of the National Organization For Women today addressed the pilot program of locking up all the men in California to prevent further violence against females in that state. She said the program, funded by the Violence Against Women Act’s ‘war chest’ of $100 billion (taken only from male taxpayers), is highly successful and should be expanded to include all states. Her recommendation appears to be a shoe-in for approval by our all-feminist Congress. This new Congress was established three years ago at the urging of the Feminist Women and Chivalrous Men Alliance. The new Congress, along with the new all-feminist U.S. Supreme Court, will remain in place for the next 50 years to compensate women for the myriad male-created laws that have oppressed women for centuries, such laws as those that grant fathers visiting rights and put limitations on child support.

· “In today’s local weather, strong winds are in the forecast. The usual cause of such foul weather has been established: men. Women are advised to take caution when venturing outside.”

· “In health news today, women are finally recognized as acquiring prostate cancer at a rate higher than men. Feminists have for years cited sexism in doctors’ diagnoses of prostate cancer, claiming the cancer has always been ignored in women. In responding, the feminist-controlled federal government moved quickly, even before feminists could issue demands for more funding to help female victims of prostate cancer. It shifted its entire remaining funding for prostate-cancer research for men — which had already been reduced to $1,500 in order to bring the funding for breast-cancer research to an even $50 billion — to research prostate cancer in women. Because this new funding for women’s prostate-cancer research is ludicrously inadequate, President Hillary Clinton has ordered the military to close all of its VA hospitals for male veterans and shift 75 percent of the $5-billion operating costs into prostate-cancer research for women. The other 25 percent will be funneled into researching why women get more hang-nails than men. The Feminist White House announced that similar shifts are to take place regarding testicular-cancer research and men’s heart disease. All this is in response to feminists’ angry outcry last year over the news that women outlive men by only 33.9 years. This gender longevity gap would be much greater, feminists say, were it not for male doctors’ sexism. The National Organization For Women recommends that male doctors be jailed immediately as a sure-fire cure for the medical sexism.”


Ahhh…I feel so much better after this venting!! (My cynicism was inspired by such books as Big Sister: How Extreme Feminism Has Betrayed the Fight for Sexual Equality.)

Am I being cynical — or am I perhaps more realistic than even I realized? Consider: President Obama very quickly created the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and, worse, the Council On Women and Girls (COWG). There is more to come. Aren’t such government fiats nudging us a little bit closer to the feminist future outlined here. Mind you, feminists are not fully satisfied with the Ledbetter Act and the “symbolic” COWG. They are truly responding à la “Give them an inch, and they will demand a mile.”

Consider, too, as of January 6, 2010: “if a new bill backed by the government is passed by France’s parliament, the French will indeed soon be able to call the police when their partner bad-mouths them and he will be charged with ‘psychological violence.’

I assume it is always going to be “he” that gets charged, since in the longish BBC news article about this proposed innovation, including interviews with women psychologists and lawyers, I saw no mention of men being victims, only perpetrators. That tells me the bill is ideologically inspired by feminists, who seem to think that women are too fragile to fend off an insult from their boyfriend, too timid to give as good as they get, or too stupid to know where the front door is….” More


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2 Responses to A Spoof: In Our Feminist Future?

  1. mickay says:

    That’s why I don’t have any hope for male species. All men can do is to avoid women as much as possible in order to stay out of legal troubles. If you smile, they cry rape, if you stare, it is double rape, if you touch, it is triple rape and if you disagree with them in work, they cry discrimination. If you don’t give promotion, discrimination. If you don’t give them flex time, discrimination. if you women earn more, she deserves it. If men earn more,it is called male sexism is alive and well. or patriarchy. If men don’t pay in date, he is such a fool and stupid. if he pays, male arrogance and discrimination or even patriarchy.

    if men treated badly, he deserves it, if men’s penis is cut by women (recently California women did it), it is laughable. Men can be portrayed as stupid, fat and lazy because he deserves it.

    If you don’t share accounts with wife on money issues, it is called economical abuse (crime under domestic violence.). if you don’t acknowledge her religion or belief, it is called spiritual abuse. (crime under domestic violence). If men don’t give enough attention to women, it is neglect (punishable up to 10 years under domestic violence and fine of up to 1 million). if you don’t do what she says (not even says but simply feels in her inner mind), it is called domination by male.(abuse by domination punishable under Domestic Violence).

    If majority of men are homeless, that is their problem. if one women is homeless, it is because of men. Majority of men fight in wars and dying, it is because of men (patriarchy). Males are raped in prisons )ha..ha…laughable…joke. Men work like a slave for the family and provides for the family, it is called patriarchy. Women caring for their children is anti-feminist (or patriarchy or form of abuse by men).

    Child care is one of the most difficult jobs in the world so it must be compensated. Caring for their own child must be compensated by husband. So men have to pay money on top of keeping their family. Caring for the child is one of the most vexing and difficult jobs under feminist definition. Men are dying in industries. Men dying in mining and oil and gas industries working 12 hour shifts. Accidents happen and losing their limbs. (they don’t exist under feminism). women feel bored because men don’t take care of them. Men are selfish and evil. Men are scum to think of women as sex objects but men can be portrayed as muscular toys to be used by women.

    Men are sexual predators, scums and pigs of the earth if they think of women as sexual slaves. But women can have sex with anyone but she is just exploring her sexuality. Women having sex outside of marriage because she is neglected by husband. Men having sex outside, he is the society’s scum and pig and must be stoned to death.

    Health care and education are 90% employed women. Don’t care… but ceos are predominantly men. (patriarchy). men have to pay child support for years and alimony (men’s responsibility because it is his child). But women don’t have to pay (because she is mother and entitled to live freely on the slave labor of men). women should not be punished even if they kill dozens of men because she is women. Men just stared at a women identically can be put to death or prison time of 20 years.

    No hope man…..mgtow..


  2. Mickay, thanks for taking the time to state exactly how you feel. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that a lot of men feel the same way. I’ve often thought that some ideological feminists who want women to stay away from men have realized that few women will do that, so these feminists have pushed for laws that make men want to stay away from women! Same goal achieved from a different direction.

    Truth is, though, women are increasingly recognizing that many ideological “feminists” are merely sexists in feminist clothing. More women are turning a deaf ear to such feminists.

    I recommend that you write letters to newspapers, etc. Further, you could join a group where you can regularly express your thoughts and get guidance. You could give NCFM.org a try. -Male Matters


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