A lesson for feminists on how to understand men

When women enter a “male” profession — when they take on the male role as provider — they often become like the men many feminists disdain. Here is a lesson in understanding that would benefit these feminists.

“My day began at 4:15 a.m. with my six-year-old son waking up complaining about his stomach. Frankly, I thought he was beginning his daily ‘I hate school’ routine early. Much to my dismay, I quickly realized he actually was sick. I felt terrible for doubting his motives and if he was telling the truth. When I thought about it more, I realized I do tend to doubt peoples motives and question whether what I am being told is the truth.

I believe this propensity stems from my profession. As a member at Coronado Katz, LLC in Kansas City, Missouri, I practice mostly in the area of insurance defense. My clients get sued by people seeking money. As part of my job, I am always scrutinizing the motives of the parties and whether the information provided about a parties’ injuries and/or damages is truthful. It appears I have allowed this propensity I have developed at work to carry over to my personal life, as well. It is both physically and emotionally exhausting to walk around always questioning (even subconsciously) peoples’ motives and honesty. While there are certainly people who I know from past experience have hidden motives and may not always be forthcoming with information, those people are not the majority of people I deal with.” [Emphasis by Male Matters] -Maggie Tucker, Ms.JD.org


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