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Is there a war on women?

Democrats, seeing women as more important to elections than men, are strategically waging a war on Republicans by accusing them of waging a war on women. Continue reading

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Two quick lessons on “power” in male-female relationships: What ideological feminists do not want women to know

Feminists do not want women (and men) to know the truth about “gender power.” Continue reading

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Why Women Make Less Than Men

When will it be realized that women on average earn less because they are supported or anticipate being supported by a husband? And that men on average earn more because they support or anticipate supporting a wife and children? Continue reading

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Stay-At-Home Dads Face More Bias than Ann Romney

“Watching the Rosen/Romney controversy unfold was another example of the media’s infinite capability to be shortsighted. The real social stigma isn’t attached to stay-at-home moms, it it stamped squarely on the chest of stay-at-home dads.” Continue reading

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Why the U.S. Economy Is Biased Against Men

“When I started as a career counselor 25 years ago, my male and female clients seemed equally optimistic about their future. Now, the females mostly feel that their world is their oyster and the males more often feel depressed and/or angry.” Continue reading

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Obama Revives an Old Feminist Myth

“Logic tells us that by repeating his embarrassingly shallow remarks on pay discrimination, Obama is simply performing the same three-act drama that he has performed countless times before—first as a community organizer and then as a politician.” Continue reading

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Growing into manhood

“Can you imagine accepting the notion that our girls systematically and mandatorily register for the draft?” Is this the state of gender equality today? Continue reading

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Big Push for Costly “Comparable Worth” Legislation Coming?

Lilly Ledbetter Returns to the Stage. Continue reading

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What Men Want

“…[I]n our dialogue on relationships today, there seems to be very little interest in a man’s needs.” Continue reading

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It’s a Woman’s World

“With the women taking over, what will the role be for men in the future? Maybe just as laborers, like the worker ants. Not too many girls want to go into ditch digging, roofing, or garbage collecting.” Continue reading

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