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Three myths about the gender wage (and many facts that women’s pay equity-ists will ignore)

“When myths try to teach us something demonstrably false — such as women earning less than men for the same work — we are all the poorer. It is time to discard false myths about women.” Continue reading

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In the liberal Washington Post: Paycheck Fairness Act — A flawed approach to job bias

The bill seems to want employees to have as much control over a business as the employer has. Continue reading

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Men are asleep at the switch on heart disease

Despite heart disease hitting men much harder than it does women, the CDC, because it knows men are asleep and reticent, boldly displays on the left a link to a “WISEWOMAN Program.” There is no WISEMAN Program. Continue reading

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Maddow, Heroine, Tilts at Windmills

“This policy would place the burden of proof on employers to show that pay discrepancies are a “business necessity,” rather than requiring plaintiffs to demonstrate that they face discrimination.” Continue reading

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Women’s 77 cents to men’s dollar: What it really means — A Two-part Discussion

A lot of female workers in the higher ranges of women’s median income earn more — often much more — than a lot of male workers in the lower ranges of men’s median. Continue reading

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Men and women do the same amount of work

“There is evidence that men are beginning to demand the same options and choices as women, with more claims of sex discrimination from men.” Continue reading

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Defendant’s gender affects length of sentence

“Prosecutors, lawyers, police officers, and law students, regardless of their own gender, evaluated male defendants more harshly than women defendants.” Continue reading

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Economic harassment of men

The sexual harassment of women is well known mostly because the mainstream media have made it well known. Far less well known is the economic harassment of men. Continue reading

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Audio interview of Dr. Warren Farrell, on “The Myth of Male Power”

Commenter: “Absolutely riveting!!! Exhaustive, profoundly informative, insightful, powerful and deeply disturbing. I’m a traditional man who tried to be the best dad and husband possible, only to be rewarded with the complete destruction of my life and family. Now I understand what happened and I can never be suckered again….” Continue reading

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How the media distort gender issues

Jennings’ report, no doubt because of pressure from feminist staffers, would have stressed — over and over — the fact that the victims of the child labor were girls. No viewer would have been left with any doubt whatsoever about whether females are mistreated in India or any other country. Continue reading

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