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Weaponizing the well-being of women

Obama playing Santa to women: “His polling numbers make clear that winning a majority of men’s votes will be a challenge. So the president is trying to keep women — who deserted his party in large numbers in 2010 — on board by fear-mongering on ‘women’s issues’….” Continue reading

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Lung cancer and the sexes

As happened with heart disease, feminists will no doubt soon begin proclaiming that more women die of lung disease than men. Or that lung cancer affects women “differently” and hence their lung cancer should get more funding. Continue reading

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Why is life expectancy longer for women than it is for men?

While feminists and the media complain endlessly about the “gender wage gap,” they never mention the gender longevity gap. Continue reading

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The sexes’ 15 leading causes of death, 2009

“Fortunately, our daughters’ and mothers’ health challenges are addressed by seven federal offices of women’s health. Our sons’ and fathers’ are not addressed by a single federal office of men’s health” — despite men’s average shorter life span and poorer health! What would feminists say if the shoe were on the other foot? Continue reading

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Another reason for women’s health advocates to ignore men’s heart disease

“After taking into account patients’ age, men had a 31 percent higher risk of dying over the study compared with women, the researchers said.” Continue reading

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“Masculinity Myth” Obscures Men’s Juggling Stress

“…[W]e don’t recognize that work-family stress is an equal-opportunity plague that hurts men just as much as women. More, in fact.” Continue reading

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Men Likely to Put Off the Doctor (Male Matters: Or: why men are charged less for health insurance)

“Men are also less likely to see themselves as susceptible to disease or injury when, in fact, they are more susceptible.” So WHOSE awareness about health should be raised? Continue reading

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