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Bogus AAUW study perpetuates wage gap myths

“The AAUW study didn’t even look at men and women in the same field, much less on the same job. Why would the AAUW put out such shoddy material?” Continue reading

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Men on strike: a Wall Street Journal video

Why men are boycotting marriage: a five-minute video that packs a lot. Continue reading

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Men to blame for childless women? I don’t think so – it’s society that deliberately disenfranchises fathers

‘By and large women have complete and utter control in the reproduction process – unlike men, who have none.’ Continue reading

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The Biggest Myth About the Gender Wage Gap

“It might be the most famous statistic about female workers in the United States: Women earn ‘only 72 percent as much as their male counterparts.’ It’s also famously false.” Continue reading

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