Cancer: The True Gender Picture

cancer2On the topic of health, virtually all media and especially feminist groups, when not talking about women’s heart disease, often talk about breast cancer as if it were the only cancer in existence. Sometimes the urgent concern about breast cancer — as in the “Go Red” campaigns — may lead one to think female cancer victims are dropping like flies relative to men. But if anyone is “dropping like flies” from cancer, it is not women. It is men.

The following charts showing the races’ and the sexes’ death rates for major cancers come from the National Cancer Institute. After looking them over, you may be perplexed about why feminists and the media seem to limit most of their discussions about cancer to breast cancer.

In the charts below, the cancer type is provided in the leading sentence in the data shown above each chart. The type in the first chart, for instance, is urinary bladder cancer.











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