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Men know women are powerful, and we don’ t mind that one bit. Men love women. It empowers us that you are empowered. Unless, that is, when you disempower us in order to feel empowered. In an era of empowerment, it seems that so very many people who want to feel empowered need to make others feel disempowered in order to accomplish that.” –More at Psycholgy Today, such as:

…[Men] don’t feel as impassioned by the prospect of how they might be treated in marriage, not just by a specific woman, but by our culture.


Recently, a number of European countries have reported that joblessness there has started impacting men harder than women. Sweden, for example, now has 33,000 more male than female unemployed people. In Ireland, the unemployment rate for women is 10.5 percent, and for men it’s 18.1 percent. Last year, more than half of European countries had more unemployed men than women.” –The Atlantic Monthly, August 6, 2013


Thus, a gender wage gap: 8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment: Most of these degrees are held by women. –


Janet Yellen is vice chairwoman of the Fed’s Board of Governors and a top pick to take over its leadership. Says Newsday columnist Cathy Young: “Perhaps such criticisms are worse when directed at a woman, since they tap into stereotypes (or perhaps they just seem worse, for the same reason). Yet comments from pro-Yellen financial-sector leaders also traffic in stereotypes — female-positive ones. Yellen is praised as “warm” and personable, a “team player,” a “consensus-builder.” Summers is described as abrasive, arrogant — “always the smartest guy in the room, and he’ll let you know it” — and lacking “people skills.” Had these statements been about a female candidate, they’d no doubt be decried as sexist attacks on a woman who doesn’t hide her brains.” -More by Cathy Young in Newsday


You likely didn’t see this report on the evening news, especially on what I call “NBC Nightly News & Women’s Health with Brian Williams.” But you would see it on the evening news shows if in the report the sexes were reversed.

Having high cholesterol may be a bigger health danger for men than women, new research suggests. Norwegian scientists have discovered that men with high cholesterol are more likely to have heart attacks than women with high cholesterol levels. The researchers concluded that middle-aged men with a high cholesterol profile have a major additional risk of heart attack compared to women with similar cholesterol levels. In the study on adults under the age of 60, three times as many men as women had a heart attack. The researchers collected information on 23,525 women and 20,725 men. The researchers believe the findings show that men should be treated more actively in terms of cholesterol-lowering. At present, guidelines provided to doctors for managing cholesterol levels do not differentiate between male and female patients.” –GhanaWeb, September 5, 2013


The disproportionately lower rate of coronary stenting in women and minorities may not signal bad care, rather, it may be that white men are being stented unnecessarily, researchers suggested.

Compared with women and blacks, white men who live in the suburbs and are privately insured were more likely to receive an elective coronary stent when the indication was categorized as inappropriate, according to appropriateness criteria, say Paul S. Chan, MD, of Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, Mo., and colleagues.” –, September 19, 2013 (For the reader who thinks Male Matters is concerned only about white men’s health, I suggest, for example, Women’s Advocates Wrong About Why More Women Than Men Die of Heart Disease.” Also, in the Male Matters search box, look for “black men.”


In the European country of Georgia, the retirement age is 60 for women and 65 for men. That seems bad enough for the men – until you consider this: The life expectancy there for women is 77 and for men only 69. Thus, while the average Georgian woman enjoys 17 years of retirement, the average Georgian man enjoys only four! If the retirement ages were reversed for the sexes, women would still have 12 years of retirement, and men would have only nine. If in fact the situation were reversed with the women still coming out ahead, the protests against the “cruel sexism” would set off major earthquakes.


…U.S. women are almost as supportive of war as men. Even while men make up the majority of soldiers.” -Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun, June 18, 2013 


An online dating website which bills itself as “The World’s Largest Sugar Daddy Dating Website” says it has recorded a 50 percent jump in average daily sign-ups since the start of the government shutdown. claims its traffic has seen a dramatic rise in people seeking “sugar daddy’s,” which Merriam-Webster defines as: “A well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend.” – CBS DC


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