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Ladies’ Man

“To be a provider, for oneself and one’s family, to do something useful and to earn, is deeply connected to many men’s sense of self-respect, to their identity as men.” This pertains to black men as much as to white men. Continue reading

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

“More lawsuits from men victimized by this warped notion of gender justice may, if successful, help restore balance. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the pressing civil rights issues of our time-one in which the federal civil rights watchdogs are on the wrong side” Continue reading

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Yet more family law gender injustice

Society’s quest for gender equality thus far seems to be this: Ending men’s dominance in the world of work, and preserving women’s dominance in the world of children. Continue reading

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Gloria Steinem Represents the Worst of Modern Feminism

“Despite her undeniable talent and charisma, Steinem is practically a poster girl for the gender-war paranoia and the ideological dogmatism that have led the women’s movement down such a destructive path.” Continue reading

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