Obamacare’s unequal treatment of young men

A lot of young, healthy men may nix Obamacare when they learn this:

Young men will see higher premium increases than their female counterparts. This is true despite these two facts:

Young men go to the doctor far less and cost their insurers far less than do young women, even factoring out women’s reproductive-related visits.

With Obamacare, young women will have more nonreproductive-related preventive services than young men.

In short, men will get fewer benefits than women after being forced to pay a bigger premium increase. That’s how Obama will uphold his promise to eliminate “premium discrimination against women.”

The crafters of Obamacare saw real discrimination against men as the safest way (because “men don’t protest and they don’t matter anyway”) to largely pay for their healthcare program. See “Women should pay more for health care.”

If a law required women to pay the same as men for auto insurance, the streets would be over-run with angry protesters of both sexes.

And if women had been paying lower medical insurance premiums than men, and were now required to pay the same as men, the same streets would be over-run with the same angry protesters of both sexes.

Democrats always know which gender of the bovine to gore.

Two takes on Obamacare’s discrimination against men

Men Likely to Put Off the Doctor (Male Matters: Or: why men are charged less for health insurance)

Who will pay more? Gender discrimination in health insurance costs” 


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