Stroke and Cardiovascular Stats

Feminist activists ignore the unequivocal truth: Cardiovascular disease hits men at a higher rate until after age 75, their average age at death of the other 12 leading causes of death

“The incidence of stroke is higher in men up to age 75, similar in the 75-84 age group, and higher in women in the age group greater than 85. Despite the higher risk in men, the lifetime risk of stroke is higher in women. This may be attributed to the longer life span in women. [May be?] Mean age of stroke death was 79.6 years, but men had a younger age at stroke death than women. Although mortality may not be higher in women, functional outcome may be. Di Carlo et al.  found in a large registry that 3-month disability and handicap were higher in women after adjusting for age. In this group, women were significantly older when presenting with first stroke (74 years as compared to 69).” -Medscape,Geriatrics and Aging. 2007 (Emphasis by Male Matters.)

For Go Red supporters:

Women’s advocates wrong about why more women die of heart disease than men.


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