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Cathy Young: Rape Culture in the West is as Real as ‘Witchcraft in Salem’

“…[O]ne of the things about this rape culture ideology is this argument that constantly gets made: that by questioning the existence of a rape culture, you are perpetuating rape culture.” Continue reading

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Feminists treat men badly. It’s bad for feminism.

“Male faults are stated as sweeping condemnations; objecting to such generalizations is taken as a sign of complicity. Meanwhile, similar indictments of women would be considered grossly misogynistic.” Continue reading

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Forbes: Men Work Longer Hours Than Women

By Karin Agness • • June 30, 2016 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made efforts to appeal to working women a centerpiece of her presidential campaign. One issue she continues to bring up is equal pay and … Continue reading

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