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An Assault on Common Sense: The phony campus rape crisis

“The White House Council on Women and Girls, echoing campus rape dogma, maintains that colleges are churning out legions of traumatized rape “survivors,” who go on to experience a lifetime of physical and emotional disability. Apparently these victims are so shellshocked that they don’t even realize how disabled they are.” Continue reading

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Campus Sexual Assault and a Modern “Crucible”

eplace “fear of the supernatural” with “fear of the hidden demons of patriarchal oppression,” and you have today’s American campus. Continue reading

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Are all men potential rapists? No.

“Hakim claims to be an authority and expert. Her latest assertions are false, dangerous, and hugely insulting to men.” Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Mattress Feminism

“After an allegedly brutal attack, she refused to press criminal charges, saying it would be “too draining”—strange, given that she had the raw and obsessive energy to cart a mattress around all day for two semesters—and sent intimate and cutesy texts to Paul Nungesser, the young man she accused, in the months following the alleged assault.” Continue reading

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College feminists once again making men the guardians of female safety

“Now someone who asks a male if he has a condom, who conspires with him to have sex, who announces to a friend that she intends to have sex, who voluntarily goes to his dorm room in order to have sex, who has sex through no coercion or force on the male’s part, is as voluntary and responsible an agent in that sex act as the male.

Any male on the receiving end of such behavior is going to rightly assume that he is facing a willing and consenting partner. And yet Occidental, under investigation from the Obama administration for ignoring sexual violence (a baseless charge), found John guilty of assault and expelled him.” Continue reading

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Guest Commentary of the Year: A Better Feminism for 2015

“Former Jezebel editor Lindy West has argued that such “men’s rights” problems as unequal treatment of fathers in family courts or bias against male domestic violence victims are rooted in patriarchy and that feminism is already addressing them. Unfortunately, facts say otherwise.” Continue reading

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The Year the Crusade Against ‘Rape Culture’ Stumbled

“Will 2015 see a pushback against the anti-“rape culture” movement on campus? If so, good. This is a movement that has capitalized on laudable sympathy for victims of sexual assault to promote gender warfare, misinformation and moral panic. It’s time for a reassessment.” Continue reading

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