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Many Manly Men Avoid Needed Health Care

“According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men born in 2009 will live five years less than women born the same year, a spread not fully explained by physical differences, the researchers noted. ‘…[W]omen don’t lose status or respect by displaying vulnerability or weakness.'” Continue reading

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Male Suicide Rates Massively Increase

“The CDC report provides us with hard statistics that should be a shocking wake up call to the news organizations of the west that there is a huge problem with male suicide that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, it seems that this ‘revelation’ will not happen any time soon.” Continue reading

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Men, Power, Money, and Sex

“As political correctness set into the colleges’ psyches, college programs shifted to emphasizing only men understanding women. It would be wiser for programs to help both sexes better understand each other.” Continue reading

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There’s No ‘Gender Pay Gap’, But Here Are 11 Reasons Why There Should Be

“The so-called “Pole Tax” is something all men have to live with. Men pay more, not only for insurance. In the US, men pay nearly 60 per cent more into Medicare and other state medical benefits programmes despite women using services more.” Continue reading

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Here’s the speech students at Williams College were too outraged and offended to hear

“The feminist elite is comprised of left-leaning professors, journalists, writers, psychologists, actresses and lawyers whose beliefs have seeped into the culture to such a degree that anyone who takes a non-feminist view of any topic is branded either sexist or a misogynist. This group uses their clout to bully people into silence, and the result is a lack of reasonable dialogue.” Continue reading

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Campus Sexual Assault and a Modern “Crucible”

eplace “fear of the supernatural” with “fear of the hidden demons of patriarchal oppression,” and you have today’s American campus. Continue reading

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Man, weeping

“One of our most firmly entrenched ideas of masculinity is that men don’t cry. Although he might shed a discreet tear at a funeral, and it’s acceptable for him to well up when he slams his fingers in a car door, a real man is expected to quickly regain control. Sobbing openly is strictly for girls.” Continue reading

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