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Will Any Presidential Candidate Support a White House Council on Boys and Men?

“But no one gave men a purpose beyond raising money. Today, males have lost their purpose, because fewer are needed to die in wars and being the sole breadwinner no longer constitutes the definition of masculinity.” Continue reading

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Are Men Society’s Scapegoats?

At the same time, we tell boys to “suck it up” instead of expressing pain, leaving them few emotions but anger. Then we chastise them when they actually get angry — or live in fear of their anger. And sometimes we use the one emotion we’ve allowed them to our advantage. Continue reading

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Make fatherhood a man’s choice!

“Women’s freedom to choose parenthood is a reproductive right men do not have but should. In consenting to sex, neither a man nor a woman gives consent to become a parent.” Continue reading

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Warren Farrell: What Prevents Dads from Being Involved?

“…[T]he process will be slow, because dads are usually selected by women who are choosing men who will earn enough income to create options for the woman, not for themselves. Men are reluctant to change what they think brings them love.” Continue reading

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Growing into manhood

“Can you imagine accepting the notion that our girls systematically and mandatorily register for the draft?” Is this the state of gender equality today? Continue reading

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