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Women and Opportunity in the Modern Workforce

” Congress should undo harm already done, and do no additional harm.” Continue reading

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Two Commentaries On the Shriver Report

“If the Democratic Party establishment embraces this female-centric view of America, we’re in for another cycle of partisan politics made more toxic by gender politics.” Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Sex Differences Cut Both Ways?

“Sadly, in public discussions about gender, sex differences are fair game only when they are to women’s advantage.” Continue reading

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Battle of the Sexes

“Politicians and ‘equality’ feminists should respect reality: Differing choices come with differing rewards — and different salaries.” Continue reading

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The Real Story in the AAUW’s Wage-Gap Study

“From this heading, it’s clear that they want the media and readers to assume that the study found that two recent graduates—who sat next to each other during college, completing the same coursework, earning the same GPA and major, who then moved to the same city and were hired by the same firm for the same position—typically receive radically different compensation packages based on their sex, with the female grad receiving just 82 percent of her male colleague’s salary.” Continue reading

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Who will pay more? Gender discrimination in health insurance costs

“Women, in general, pay lower auto insurance premiums. Women shouldn’t have to subsidize the risky driving behaviors of men, and men shouldn’t have to subsidize the health care decisions of women.” Continue reading

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Does Obamacare About Men?

President Obama wants to spread the health around — but only to women. Improving the health only of the healthier, longer-living group — women — is like improving the wages only of the higher-earning group — men. What would women say about the latter? The same thing men should say about the former. Continue reading

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