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Male Suicide Rates Massively Increase

“The CDC report provides us with hard statistics that should be a shocking wake up call to the news organizations of the west that there is a huge problem with male suicide that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, it seems that this ‘revelation’ will not happen any time soon.” Continue reading

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The silent epidemic of male suicide

“A lack of public awareness and too few explanatory frameworks and preventive efforts specifically targeting male suicide have made a major public health problem largely invisible.” Continue reading

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Can men adjust to a changing world?

“What’s going on with boys? Even women are noticing. Hanna Rosin, in her book “The End of Men,” has noticed some disturbing trends.” Continue reading

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Obama’s Missed Opportunity: A White House Council on Boys and Men

“Fortunately, our daughters’ and mothers’ health challenges are addressed by seven federal offices of women’s health. Our sons’ and fathers’ are not addressed by a single federal office of men’s health” — this despite the fact that men’s health in general is poorer, resulting in men on average having a shorter life span than women and dying sooner from nine of the ten leading causes of death. Continue reading

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Depression’s Machismo Mask

Male Depression “often does not look like the mixture of sadness, guilt and withdrawal that dominates diagnostic descriptions and popular perception of the disease. Thus, a man’s depression is often missed….” Often when men get angry, “That’s their way of weeping,” says psychologist William Pollack. Continue reading

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