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Gender bias a double-edged sword

“Perhaps what we need is not more feminism or more men’s-rights activism, but a gender-equality movement that promotes fairness for both sexes.” Continue reading

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The Case Against the Paycheck Fairness Act

“The Paycheck Fairness Act looks like common sense, but instead of helping women it will hurt all workers.” Continue reading

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Obama Revives an Old Feminist Myth

“Logic tells us that by repeating his embarrassingly shallow remarks on pay discrimination, Obama is simply performing the same three-act drama that he has performed countless times before—first as a community organizer and then as a politician.” Continue reading

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An in-depth look at women’s “pay equity”

“When a man working as a general laborer on a union construction job can support a family, yet a woman working as a waitress or a cashier cannot, we see a problem….” This vision largely explains the impetus behind pay equity. Continue reading

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