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Why This Is a Very Scary Time for Young Men

By Warren Farrell | November 6, 2018 | MindingTheCampus.org When a recent Canadian study of about 30,000 students between 7th and 12th grade found that more boys than girls were victims of physical dating violence, the reaction was one of disbelief. Accusations of male sexual harassment were exploding from … Continue reading

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U.S. Colleges’ Sexual Assault Crusade

“Why then if an undergraduate is accused of sexual assault or rape — heinous crimes for which the criminal justice system can send the convicted to jail for many years — do colleges and universities routinely convene committees of professors, students, and administrators to investigate, judge, and punish?” Continue reading

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Title IX: the mainstream-media suppressed view

“Schools have found that to satisfy proportionality, they must cancel men’s sports teams because of women’s lack of interest. (For example, UCLA dropped its men’s swimming and diving programs—programs responsible for 22 Olympic medals.) Can you imagine this happening to activities where women have more interest?” Continue reading

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Book description of “Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX”

“But if Title IX has tilted the college playing field, Gavora suggests that its greatest impact on American social life may still lie ahead as the federal bureaucrats, activist judges, and radical feminists who have shaped the statute’s interpretation now seek to expand its reach into sexual harassment and other areas of education where boys and girls have to conform to their notion of ‘gender equity.'” Continue reading

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For Feminist Writers: Distinguish Between Feminism and Feminists!

With such feminist “leaders” driving the dialog on feminism and shaping our view of it, many men and the women who care about men interpret feminism as a repudiation of men, their sexuality, and their views, especially those on gender issues. Continue reading

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