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Rape Culture is a ‘Panic Where Paranoia, Censorship, and False Accusations Flourish’

“Warner received surprising news. The local police had determined not only that Warner was innocent, but that the alleged victim had deliberately falsified her charges. She was charged with lying to police for filing a false report, and fled the state. Cases like Warner’s are proliferating. The list of falsely accused young men subject to kangaroo court justice is growing apace.” Continue reading

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Sentence First, Verdict Afterward: The Obama Administration’s Continued War On Men

“But then came modern feminism, and in particular its foundational conviction, dating back at least to Susan Brownmiller’s Against Our Will (1975), that the prospect of sexual assault by men is a defining feature of the oppression of women for which male-dominated society generally, not just individual offenders, should take the rap.” Continue reading

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