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Obama’s Missed Opportunity: A White House Council on Boys and Men

“Fortunately, our daughters’ and mothers’ health challenges are addressed by seven federal offices of women’s health. Our sons’ and fathers’ are not addressed by a single federal office of men’s health” — this despite the fact that men’s health in general is poorer, resulting in men on average having a shorter life span than women and dying sooner from nine of the ten leading causes of death. Continue reading

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Male leaders who make mistakes are judged more harshly than women in the same situation.

“If the leader is a man making a mistake in a man’s world, he is judged more harshly than a woman making the same mistake in a man’s world.” This is exactly the opposite of what many feminists claim. Continue reading

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A NOW Feminist of the Year unintentionally tells how women oppress men and perpetuate feminist rage against MEN

Doesn’t this take the cake!? An example of how women oppress, restrict, and limit men — and almost the entire media ignore it, ignore how women contribute to gender inequality, the wage gap, and all the other issues that enrage feminists against men. Continue reading

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A Male Matter’s Explanation of The World of Children/The World of Work

Likely, hell will freeze over before a man’s rights are equal to a woman’s in the reproductive world. Continue reading

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In movies, dads not treated as equal to moms

What seems to be the result, intended or not, thus far of ideological feminism’s 35-year-old push for “gender equality”? To me, it seems to be this: Ending men’s dominance in the world of work and preserving women’s dominance in the world of children. Continue reading

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