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Updated April 19, 2018

Author of Male Matters USA: Jerry A. Boggs


Twitter me: @DeepSpace41

I have researched and written about gender issues since around 1978. I was a feminist. In 1980, I became a contributing editor of a feminist newsletter at my workplace. I wrote often about societal oppression of girls and women, with a particular emphasis on the sexes’ earnings differential, which I attributed fully to discrimination.

Many of the women at work loved me for my views. Many of the men shunned me. Some accused me, a newly divorced man at the time, of “trying to get dates.”

It all changed for me one day when I asked myself: Why am I putting in so much overtime at work and trying to move up in the ranks?

cartoon - Too Much Coffee

Notice who is being asked and being made fun of because of the expectation of paying for dates.

I had to admit it was partly because I saw it as a way of gaining the respect of my friends and of society in general. But mainly I was in fact trying to make myself attractive to women and get dates. I wanted to be able to truthfully say I pull in an impressive amount of money if a date asked me how much I make. More truth: I needed a lot of money to finance nights out with dates, as well as trips that would convince a date I was truly interested in her. I also sometimes felt I needed to spend a lot of money on nights out if I wanted a woman to choose me for a relationship over any competitor vowing for her time.

In time, it dawned on me that few women did all that (and most still don’t even today, more than three decades later). They generally picked jobs that demanded less and hence paid less. Far more men than women applied for management jobs and for the jobs requiring specialized skills.

Little wonder there was and is a gender wage gap.

From then on, I began to examine gender issues one by one. The end result is probably best reflected in my “A Comprehensive Look at Gender Equality: The Doctrinaire Institute for Women’s Policy Research.”


I post news and views on gender issues as often as possible. On occasion I also post my own original commentaries, as well as short book and web site reviews, and other miscellaneous links and items pertaining to gender from the rarely heard “male” perspective.

At times I may re-edit or completely re-write a commentary if I develop new insights or need to correct lapses of logic or other errors made while in a state of less than total wakefulness. For me, there is no final draft!

Unfortunately, we unpaid free-lance bloggers, unlike employed journalists, do not have editors or writing coaches to polish our work to perfection. Fortunately, we bloggers do not have editors or writing coaches to censor what they think may offend women, especially the feminist employees waiting for them just outside their door.

I criticize in my blog much of what is put forth by radical, ideological feminists (as opposed to the truly egalitarian feminists, such as Cathy Young and Christina Sommers, who are concerned also about men’s burdens). But I believe these feminists have as much right to proffer their views as I do mine.

My larger complaint is with the mainstream media. When reporting on gender issues, most of the media seem to think only the feminist or female perspective warrants air time. After you have read some of my material, I hope you will recognize how unfair and censorious this is, and how opposed it is to the media’s own supposed principles of objectivity and balance. Most of all, I hope you realize how the media’s one-sidedness on gender issues subverts the very gender equality and harmony the media purportedly advocate.

For comments on the media’s political bias — and the revolt against it — see “And the Winner Is … Anyone but the Media.” If, as the commentary says, the media can be biased in the world of regular politics, they can certainly be biased, considering journalists’ perception of women as the “oppressed underdog,” in the world of gender politics, as a Washington Post article illustrates. See also the November 2012 PEW study “The Final Days of the Media Campaign 2012.”

Just 2% of younger Americans trust media to ‘do the right thing‘”

As for feminism, I accept it and promote it when it means equal opportunity, rights, and responsibilities for both sexes. What I reject and oppose is many of the views of such feminist leaders as Gloria Steinem, Catharine MacKinnon, and Terry O’Neill, the president of the National Organization for Women. (See “Many Feminist Writers Confuse Feminism and Feminist Leaders.”)

Although these so-called feminists occasionally present sensible ideas, they all too often behave like misguided religious leaders (and religious fanatics) who interpret their religion to suit their extreme views and uphold it as superior to other religions. These women, and the men who mimic them, are not feminists. They are sexists in feminist clothing, especially when uttering such firebrand statements as this one by a Canadian feminist group: “The relative power of men compared to that of women is profoundly affected by sexist violence against women. Men have, and do use, this violence to get or keep control of women as a display of power.” (My blog shows how profoundly sexist and wrong this statement is. What would this feminist group say if I told it men commit far more violence against men than against women, and that there are more men who kill themselves than there are women killed by men. See my commentary “An Open Letter to the Senate Judiciary on the VAWA.”)

Here’s what I consider proof that when it comes to gender issues, most of the media engage in an antimale bias that is deliberate. (My proof is other than the “obvious” proof that a man’s side to a gender issue is almost always missing in a report; this could be blamed on the media’s “innocent” ignorance or laziness. For proof that the media can be politically biased, see “Even Harvard Finds The Media Biased.” For an example of a newspaper’s typical, jaw-dropping bias against men, see the report by the respected scholar Adam Jones, “The Globe and Males.” Says Jones, “It is an approach that would leave a reader of humane sensibilities aghast — if its targets had been female rather than male.” Warren Farrell says much the same about The New York Times.)

Source: Gallup

Source: Gallup, June 19, 2014

On March 7, 2010, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” reported this result of a survey by Pew Research Center: “72% agreed that most news sources are biased in their coverage.” (See also the June 19, 2014, Gallup report “Americans’ Confidence in News Media Remains Low.”) According to my many years’ experience as a gender-issues research-writer, biased news sources are biased most often in their coverage of the male-female dynamic. See one example: “My ego is less bruised than my respect for network news.” For another: “Nova Scotia hitman case reinforces gender bias of Canadian courts”

Media journalists are researchers if nothing else. As such, they are trained to go to the farthest corner, to dig beneath the smallest rock, in their pursuit of facts and opinions to reflect a balanced view.

So if journalists desire the objectivity and balance they claim to uphold and which they have been trained to dig deep for, why don’t they do what I, as someone who has had no formal training in research, have done countless times when looking for a balance to something dispensed by, say, Gloria Steinem: do a quick and easy Google search on “men’s issues”? Do it yourself and see what you get. In just seconds, a journalist can find men’s “non-feminist” views, including scholarly views by prominent gender experts such as Warren Farrell, on virtually any gender issue. (NOTE: Don’t search on “men’s gender issues.” The word “gender” triggers “women’s issues;” that’s because most people, including those at Google, apparently think men have no gender issues — thanks to the mainstream media’s dogged resistance to a male view — and have come to perceive a gender issue as a women’s or a feminist issue.)

“I’ve often said that it’s the journalistic sins of omission that are more damning than the industry’s sins of commission.” -columnist Michelle Maukin

Thus, even the laziest, most ignorant journalists have no excuse for not providing a “male balance” in their gender stories. Their only barrier to that balance is an antimale bias.

That bias may lead one to believe that when journalists say, “The public has a right to know,” what they often mean is “The public has a right to know what we want them to know.”

“Across [The New York Times’] many departments, though, so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism — for lack of a better term — that this worldview virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” -Former New York Times public editor, Arthur Brisbane

For an example of the media’s blindness to the male experience, see my “Wives Belong at Home with the Kids.” 

Note: I often post commentaries by others whose views I don’t fully subscribe to. While I typically agree with a writers’ main point, I may disagree with some or many of their ancillary points.

27 Responses to About The Author

  1. Hans Bader says:

    I would like to share my commentary about male breast cancer victims being denied Medicaid solely because of their gender. The commentary is at:


  2. Don Bridges says:

    Hello again. This is Don Bridges, a new and avid follower of your site—and of your ability to cipher and state it as it really exists, ie, the truth. I have scoured the web for antifeminist sites. Some I like more than others because some, like yours, have the unyielding ability to be unapologetically truthful about issues regardless of how it makes you look and how much you might not fit in with the powers that be–even those on your/our side. I would love to communicate with you on a personal basis, as I believe you and I share some intriguing similarities in our abilities to see things that the average person just can’t grasp. Some people, plain and simple really are better than others and your abilities prove it.

    I have been an antifeminist for going on 3 decades now. I am very frustrated at people (mostly men) for not standing up and defending what is commonsense-wise supported and not only that, but supported by (largely ignored) scholarly work done by brave dissenters of the popular culture— who otherwise seem mired in male bashing and misandric, revengeful, scheming, synthetic, replacement tactics. I want so badly for men to win something. Men are not always wrong and feminists are not always right. Before I die, I want to see the pendulum swing back to, not times of caveman days of “female oppression,” but swing back to settle at TRUE EQUALITY—even if it proves that the genders aren’t identically equal after all, (which is coming as no surprise, and not in conflict with the latest research findings on true sex differences).

    I want to help men and boys. I see that so much help is needed. However, the greatest obstacle, I find, through my reading, observations, critical thinking, and interactions with men and boys, is the fact that mostly, they are “scared” to rise up in opposition to radical feminists. They behave this way because, while they see feminism separate from women in general, still, the punishment dealt to men who dare to disagree is to be laughed at, chastised, shut-out, and likely even frivolously called gay or something else assumptive, baseless, stupid and cruel. These punishments serve to stifle men in their ability and likelihood to take meaningful action against wrongful feminism. I firmly believe that no such pendulum will swing back until men, in the general masses, learn that scrutinizing females and caring about the world not falling apart, etc, is not manifested hatred for women. Thus, I believe, the solution lies in educating males in matters of change. That is what will push the pendulum back. To me, it makes no sense whatsoever for men to resist change for themselves in how they view and deal with women, when in effect, most everything else in the world has indeed changed—largely at the hands of misguided, selfish, and short-sighted feminist having unleashed unbridled power for women in general. I believe women, in general, do not know what to do with that power for they have the peculiar problem of confusing their feelings with that of actual, objective, absolute reality. ( I insist, that such statements aimed at trying to get women to see themselves as part of the world, not the other way around, is not mired in hatred. I possess no hatred in my heart for any group of people albeit women, men, gay, straight, black, white, fat, skinny, or whatever. To care is not to hate. The misogynist label is created by scheming women to shame and silence men who have wit and who don’t cave in to women).

    I am a honor graduate (1995) of the NC university system with a B.S. degree in biology, a minor in chemistry and with “half” a masters in education, including 12 hours of graduate level additional biology from the prestigious southern Furman University. I taught high school sciences in the public school system for two years but did not re-up due to my feelings of not wanting anymore to be a “social worker and a baby-sitter” in a school system almost entirely dominated by “progressive” ( a misnomer) idealists such a Carol Gilligan. I went on, for six years, to work as a gas chromatography operator of a major nutritional supplement maker performing intricate quantitative analyses and professional identification of herbs, vitamins, and similar substances. I have subsequent experience with office management also for six years. At present, I work for myself in an economy largely slow and punitive, doing quality house painting among other tasks. I served my country in the Army for 8 years as an Army reservist, while i was in college and honorably left my duty with the rank of a sergeant.

    In short, I want to make myself useful in helping men and boys despite their affinity for refusing help. I would love to discuss my life more in detail if you are interested. Specifically, I am interested in aligning myself with other like-minded people, such as yourself, to hopefully bring national awareness to the authentic mens movement and worthy male issues. I want to join the fight. Could it be that you are interested in someone like me. I donate enough already and truly believe that throwing money at the problem is not the only answer. I want to do more.

    Can I be of service? At the very least, I hope you will approve my comments elsewhere on your site. I haven’t seen the “awaiting moderation” be omitted yet, making me think that I will be excluded from the conversations you are trying to create. That is what happens sometimes (about 1/2 of my thoughtful comments to various sites) because I write the truth, like you, and will always refuse to apologize for it just as fervently as I will never apologize for being male—in all its “dominating” and “brutish” glory.

    Thank you for reading and thanks for all you do to help a group of people (males) who largely don’t even know there is a mens movment intended to alleviate the suffering so many males are enduring. God bless you. I love your site!!!!

    Final note: i couldn’t find a “contact” place for me to submit this writing in private, so after thinking it over, this is the only place I felt was appropriate in order to get in touch with you. Thanks for understanding.


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  4. Mr. Boggs,

    Just found your great blog. Well done.

    I found that a remarkable similarity exists between the expert-confirmed narcissistic personality traits of my ex- wife of 19 years and those of ideological feminists. I’ll be explaining this in the first in a two-book set this January.

    When viewed from the perspective of a unified construct of gender narcissism, ideological feminists suddenly make sense in that the psychopathology is revealed.


  5. Thank you in return. I suspect that the book will be a little on the controversial side. The sequel even more so.



  6. I suspect that the strikes will be of the nuclear variety. Yes, I sense a huge pent-up resentment to feminism and the wickedness it has inflicted upon us. Interestingly, I recently used the Dam Busters analogy regarding this resentment and my book(s).



  7. It wasn’t the bombs that actually destroyed the dams. They merely weaken the structures so that they could not withstand the water pressure of what they were restraining.

    I have and will engineer the books to hopefully achieve the same effect. Public resentment against feminism is the water pressure. It is significant. Feminists’ control of society are the dams. My books are intended to me the bombs. Each one read is a bomb that detonates against a dam wall, weakening it. Eventually the wall of feminist control succumbs to the water pressure of resentment.


    • Nice approach!

      In regards to feminism, it’s not the problem as much as the sexist “feminists” who are at the forefront. Here’s my take on that difference: “For Feminist Writers: Distinguish Between Feminism and Feminists!”


      • And in fact, you would help feminism (and thereby your own cause, as you state: equality between men and women) if you would be an ally to feminism, instead of helping to creating a false divide between men and women by rather unnuanced repeatedly claiming that men have suffered instead of women. As if both genders do not suffer from sexism. Much more effective for the common goal is to emphasize what men and women have in common, and emphasize the need for equality.
        I see in a response above that someone sees you as an antifeminist, and you don’t deny that. This makes me doubt your claimed good intentions toward feminism.
        (By the way, people who adhere to feminism are feminists. You can’t say ‘I am against feminists but not against feminism’. You have to be more clear than that and say something along this line: ‘I agree with feminism, and therefore with feminists, but I deny that women have suffered more than men’. Personally, I would think that you are wrong. But at least you would be clear about the point of view you claim to have, and nobody can confuse you with an antifeminist.)


  8. Jerry and Followers: I myself have also been observing for over three decades how the genders are evolving in terms of individual sexuality as well as their share/access to money and power here in the U.S. This evolution is definitely not favorable for the male of our species, that’s for sure. Might I remind us that the feminist movement’s original goal was equality, not dominance.

    Personally, I knew early on (age 24) that one day I was going to do something about it, and now I am ready to start spreading the word, hopefully with help from the likes of all of you. The time has arrived for a national conversation on what is really happening out there in terms of males and females sharing their company time with each other, and on occassion, their sex. Is sex and status sharing between a male and female a one-way street or a two-way street? How can the genders ever be truly equal in a society which allows the female to still view sex as something the male has to earn, and she chooses when to give it up? Isn’t that same male giving up his sex at the same time the female is? Further, the “what’s his is mine, and what’s mine is mine” female mentality regarding money and status has no place in a society striving for equality between the genders.

    My book, “Last Call, An Intoxicating Overhaul of the Heterosexual Hook-up and Dating World,” touches upon all this and many other politically-charged topics while delivering solutions which can save not just the male of our species, but the entire country from the brink. Check out my press release (http://www.paulbwright.com/images/Last_Call_by_Paul_B._Wright_Press_Release_2.14.2014.pdf) and authur website (http://www.paulbwright.com) when you get the chance, and if you like what you see… please start spreading the word.



    • I, too, call for changes. Your comment would also fit well after my “Sexual Harassment Quagmire” at https://malemattersusa.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/the-sexual-harassment-quagmire/

      It’s a comprehensive look at what I think is the sexes’ most alienating and destructive behavioral difference.

      Thanks for the comment.

      To promote your book, I recommend that you create Google News Alerts using tags relevant your thesis, such as “the dating world,” “paying for dates”…. You’ll receive links to articles, commentaries, and reports that may prompt you to post a comment and the link to your press release. Of course, to comment you’ll have to create an account, which is usually very quick and easy.


      • paulbwright says:

        Hi Jerry:

        Thanks for the reply and suggestion about Google News Alerts. I have been looking at your “Sexual Harassment Quagmire” post, and like everything I am reading. What you cover acts as a checklist of sorts on what I cover in Last Call regarding what I call female “sex presentations” vs. male “spend presentations.” To get a feel for how I approached things in my book, check out my TOC, from which I know you’ll be able to easily grasp what I am up to here: http://www.paulbwright.com/images/Table_Of_Contents.pdf

        In summary, as an actuary, I am using mathematics to categorize, label and measure what males and females are doing in the dating space, and explaining “the why” we do the things we do along the way. Part behavioral economics, part brutal honesty.

        Regarding the topic of sexual harassment, in Last Call’ s Chapter 16, “Intentions vs. Perceptions,” I go as far as to introduce the concept of “financial harassment.” Enjoy these related definitions from my Glossary ( http://www.paulbwright.com/component/k2/item/27?Itemid=11#.U26pFPldWBY):

        womanize to be sexually promiscuous with women; womanizer n.

        moneynize to be enriched through the power of femininity; to be financially promiscuous with men; moneynizer n.

        sexual harassment inappropriate, unwelcome, and, typically, persistent behavior, as by an employer or co-worker, that is sexual in nature, specif. when actionable under federal or state statutes

        financial harassment misleading, unsubstantiated, and, typically, persistent behavior, as by an opposite-sex person or group of them, that is financial in nature in terms of subsidies, whereby one advertises their sexual availability without intent to have sex; currently not actionable under federal or state statutes except false advertisement

        Lastly, I’ve attached Last Call’s Chapter 2, “Total Equality.” It’s where I introduce the notion that there should be a “United Genders Sexuality Council” through which the “hetersexualism” movement can be borne and its underlying principle of “total equality” can be shared across the U.S.

        I would love to compare notes at some point. I am based in Manhattan. My cell is 516-428-1465.



        > On May 9, 2014 at 8:10 AM “malemattersusa.wordpress.com” > wrote: > > Male Matters USA commented: “I, too, call for changes. Your comment would > also fit well after my “Sexual Harassment Quagmire” at > https://malemattersusa.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/the-sexual-harassment-quagmire/ > It’s a comprehensive look at what I think is the sexes’ most alienati” >


      • This all looks very promising, Paul. Have you also read Warren Farrell’s work? If not, I’m sure you like it.

        What you call “financial harassment” I call “economic harassment. Same thing, different name.

        Yes, by all means use the News Alerts. Visit the sites and comment to spread your word and work, and to drive people to your site. News Alerts are like reporters who work for me!


  9. Jerry – My second post fixed a typo in the last paragraph, so if you allow me to post on your blog, please use the second one. Thanks!


    • May I remind you both that while of course, men suffer from imposed gender roles as well as women, men are and have been in power? So, there is no reason to target women or feminists in order to bring about the changes you claikm you want. If you need to target someone, and blame them for the sexist roles that exist in society, blame the ones in power. But more importantly, nobody is really helped by blaming others for their current state. What is needed is change that benefits both women and men. I would urge you to attempt to bring about change by bringing men’s issues to the attention of those in power, but not at the cost of women’s issues that are as real and devastating, and by seeking an alliance with feminists. After all, the common goal is to eradicate sexism and the sexist roles men and women are supposed to play in society. So please don’t alienate feminist women by blaming them; they are your allies.


      • I don’t blame the ordinary woman any more than I do the ordinary man. I “blame” only ideological “feminists,” who actually are sexists, and the media people who ought to know better but deliberately give only the “feminist” or female view on gender issues.

        Regarding power: please define it and give examples of how someone can change it.

        In my view, you don’t have a clear idea of what power is. And who are the people in power that can create gender equality in all areas?

        Please list men’s power (privileges, etc.) and I will list women’s.

        Some people think men have the power because they earn more than women. Earning money is not power — it is the opposite of power. The power of money is in spending it. Women control about 80 percent of family spending.


  10. Thank you for this website! The 2014 Florida Statutes
    Title XLVI
    Chapter 837
    View Entire Chapter
    837.05 False reports to law enforcement authorities.—(1)(a) Except
as provided in paragraph (b) or subsection (2), a person who knowingly 
gives false information to a law enforcement officer concerning the 
alleged commission of any crime, commits a misdemeanor of the first 
degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
(b)  A person who commits a violation of paragraph (a) commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, if the person has previously been convicted of a violation of paragraph (a) and subparagraph 1. or subparagraph 2. applies:
1. The
information the person gave to the law enforcement officer was 
communicated orally and the officer’s account of that information is 
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a. An audio recording or audio recording in a video of that information;
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History.—s. 57, ch. 74-383; s. 34, ch. 75-298; s. 206, ch. 91-224; s. 5, ch. 97-90; s. 1, ch. 2013-117.


  11. bstewart192 says:

    Hi. So glad to find this site. I have a question. I feel compelled to get more actively involved in men’s issues, but unfortunately are one of those guys (there are very uncomplimentary names for us) who buckles easily under confrontation, so at least for now, I’d be happier contributing in a more supportive/back-office way. Can you suggest ways/venues for getting involved without having to stand before a crowd of screaming feminists ready to do bad things to certain parts of my anatomy? I have been thinking that the feminist movement has been hurting men and boys for years, even before I heard that there is some resistance against it. In fact, I was surprised to see that there is actually a growing resistance online to feminism and misandry. Also, are there places on this blog for making general comments, such as this one? I’d be interested in what other readers have to say about how to support the men’s issues and hear their own experiences in getting involved.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work and keep it up. We do matter.


    • Thanks for taking the time to make such a thoughtful comment. If you want to get involved, I recommend you consider joining my group, NCFM.org. I’ve been a member for 30 years. Check out the site at http://www.ncfm.org. I think you’re ready!


      • bstewart192 says:

        Thanks for the advice. I just signed up to ncfm and responded to one of the request on there by the Carolina Chapter to write a congressman to oppose the Campus Safety Act, which is worded in such as way as to presume guilt before due process. Keep up the good work for justice and equality and have a fantastic day.



      • Excellent! Thank you, Bill. Keep the fire going.


  12. Jerry – I appreciate you and I hope you are moderating this. I’m not trying to skate on your blog, but I love what you do so much and wanted to share and give you a high five. You are a great resource that is needed in this era of blatant sexism and propaganda. I’m an early feminist from the 1970’s and am personally appalled at how it has been co-opted for an entirely different agenda than we originally intended. You can’t have equality when only one gender has it. The creeping emasculation of men is frustrating and sad. Our boys today don’t know what they are supposed to be. So I wanted to share my WP post with you for Father’s Day to show you that there are many of us who do love men, do appreciate our Fathers, and don’t have “Daddy Issues” we need to work out by bludgeoning innocent males. So that link is in my sig. Hope that’s ok.
    Blessings, and keep up the great work!
    Beth Terry


  13. Victorianne Castle says:

    Just connecting. I also write short stories and novels. I’m also interested in male’s rights movements. Right now, I belong in the small group of men called MGTOW.

    Liked by 1 person

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