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An Assault on Common Sense: The phony campus rape crisis

“The White House Council on Women and Girls, echoing campus rape dogma, maintains that colleges are churning out legions of traumatized rape “survivors,” who go on to experience a lifetime of physical and emotional disability. Apparently these victims are so shellshocked that they don’t even realize how disabled they are.” Continue reading

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Campus Sexual Assault and a Modern “Crucible”

eplace “fear of the supernatural” with “fear of the hidden demons of patriarchal oppression,” and you have today’s American campus. Continue reading

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Man, weeping

“One of our most firmly entrenched ideas of masculinity is that men don’t cry. Although he might shed a discreet tear at a funeral, and it’s acceptable for him to well up when he slams his fingers in a car door, a real man is expected to quickly regain control. Sobbing openly is strictly for girls.” Continue reading

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