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Mika Brzezinski Rebukes Joe Scarborough & Other Male Guests For Expressing Their Feelings

Video: Morning Joe: Love guru Deutsch on his new show. Men are often rebuked for not expressing their feelings. But what happens when they do express them? Sometimes this: On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on January 28, 2011, co-host Joe Scarborough … Continue reading

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Persistent Myths in Feminist Scholarship

Says Christina Hoff Sommers in the Chronicle Review: My complaint with feminist research is not so much that the authors make mistakes; it is that the mistakes are impervious to reasoned criticism. They do not get corrected. The authors are … Continue reading

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Egypt protests: Far More Men in the Streets Than Women

See Egypt protests: Cairo streets engulfed by tear gas – Telegraph. The American media have suggested for years that Egypt and other countries in north Africa are oppressive — but only to their female denizens. How, then, do the media … Continue reading

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About Male Matters USA

Male Matters USA explores gender matters that pertain to males. In doing so, it shows that the male matters as much as the female. The views herein are not entirely non-feminist, but are predominantly so. Thus you will find here … Continue reading

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