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Men In America: A video

Something ominous is happening to men in America. -Tucker Carlson Advertisements

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Dr. Warren Farrell Explains The Boy Crisis

“And no one confronted the 53 percent of women under 30 who have children without being married as to their denial of the rights of the children to have both parents.” Continue reading

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Sexual Assault’s Broken System of Justice

Campuses and many liberals elsewhere have declared what others are slow or unwilling to recognize: a war on men. -Male Matters USA By Linda LeFauve | RealClearPolitics | June 11, 2017 Let’s be very clear from the outset: Sexual assault … Continue reading

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The Divorce Machine

By Kitten Holiday • • April 09, 2017   Society wants you divorced. Society wants you divorced. The very fabric of our social networks support and encourage divorce and many divorces are socially executed in the same way. It’s not … Continue reading

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If Iceland’s So Gender Equal, Then Why Has It Such A Large Gender Pay Gap?

In Iceland, for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 72 cents. Continue reading

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Swirling Away (a short story)

By Jerry A. Boggs | September 2014   What could shock you more than knowing you were going to die in just a few seconds? It was Megan’s birthday, and Navigator Kasey Abernathy was depressed more than usual about her … Continue reading

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The Kidnapping (a short story)

In Temple, things are done very differently. Continue reading

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