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Taylor Swift Flirts With The Feminist Dark Side

“It does not matter if you are sitting on top of the world, like, say, Taylor Swift: There is always victimhood to embrace if you look hard enough.” Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Mattress Feminism

“After an allegedly brutal attack, she refused to press criminal charges, saying it would be “too draining”—strange, given that she had the raw and obsessive energy to cart a mattress around all day for two semesters—and sent intimate and cutesy texts to Paul Nungesser, the young man she accused, in the months following the alleged assault.” Continue reading

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Gender Differences Explain Death Rates Following a Heart Attack

“When women have a heart attack they are sicker, older, and have more risk factors, which explains the mortality difference,” Dr. Pamela Douglas said. “With our analysis we’ve learned that there is not some mysterious black cloud following women around.” Continue reading

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Will Any Presidential Candidate Support a White House Council on Boys and Men?

“But no one gave men a purpose beyond raising money. Today, males have lost their purpose, because fewer are needed to die in wars and being the sole breadwinner no longer constitutes the definition of masculinity.” Continue reading

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College feminists once again making men the guardians of female safety

“Now someone who asks a male if he has a condom, who conspires with him to have sex, who announces to a friend that she intends to have sex, who voluntarily goes to his dorm room in order to have sex, who has sex through no coercion or force on the male’s part, is as voluntary and responsible an agent in that sex act as the male.

Any male on the receiving end of such behavior is going to rightly assume that he is facing a willing and consenting partner. And yet Occidental, under investigation from the Obama administration for ignoring sexual violence (a baseless charge), found John guilty of assault and expelled him.” Continue reading

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Do women really want men to play an equal role in parenting?

Could the answer be that, as the young mother told me all those years ago, “Women will never give up control of their own children.” Continue reading

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The war on rape: the logic of the lynch mob returns

“Wars on rape have been declared before, and often for deeply reactionary reasons, having the effect of harming society rather than helping women.” Continue reading

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