About Male Matters USA

Male Matters USA, based in the United States, explores gender matters that pertain to males. In doing so, it shows that the male matters as much as the female.

I call my blog “Male Matters USA” not to suggest that content is limited to issues pertaining to gender dynamics in the United States, but solely to distinguish it from the UK’s Male Matters at http://www.malematters.com/, which, when I named my blog, was in operation but no longer is as of my last check on August 21, 2011.

The views herein are not entirely non-feminist, but are predominantly so. Thus you will find here a gender world far different from the one generally constructed by the mainstream media and most of the leading ideological feminists.

I do not always fully agree with posts written by others.

5 Responses to About Male Matters USA

  1. Don Bridges says:

    “GENDER ISSUES FROM A RARELY HEARD VIEW” may be this courageous website’s slogan and is a true statement—given that most antifeminists seem to be too afraid of being TOTALLY truthful with women and feminists. However, this “rarely heard view” predominates in the minds of most men on the planet, including western cultures (according to samples of unmixed conversations most men have but are too scared to be that honest with women).

    The problem is that most men let their courting, ego-saturated, competitive dynamics over women overshadow their ability to have the manly substance and nobility to be honest about things that grossly, negatively, and surely affect men and boys. These unmanly chumps do this with a terrible grin on their faces as they slither off refusing to look in the mirror. Apparently, competing for sex adventures and trying to stay in the good graces of women—even terrible women who would otherwise like to omit men and boys from power sources, kill babies, etc—is the most “manhood” those type males can accomplish.

    Thank God all males are not like that. It is time we males realize we do not all think alike and that validation from one another is the key thing holding us back from making a real, substance-laden stand against the feminists powers that want to replace all the we know with their unnatural, synthetic replacement plan that pits women against men and ensures female superiority. And to think, the men who abet such travesties stubbornly call themselves “men”.

    Even when they do the copycatting so necessary to fit in, in which they knew better from the start, then end up miserable, broke, estranged from their children, and utterly foolish to try again, they still insist that all men must be identically careless and miserable…and then still have the audacity, born of stubbornness and stupidity, to declare that real manhood is contained nonetheless therein. Go figure! This is why men are losing.

    Men are not wrong about wanting to salvage some sanity supported by commonsense and scholarly research but they are wrong and weak for placing that of fitting in as more important than winning a war that promises to drastically change for the worse all that we know and love. Until men learn to break free of the corralled-up, apparently erroneous, one-size-fits-all “manhood” mentality that is costing them EVERYTHING, then unfortunately, things will only get worse and might I say, those men deserve all they have got coming to them.

    Dare them to complain when they are writhing in hopelessness… when they had a chance to resist and fight back but instead chose to fit in with other oblivious males and were worried more about whether or not they will keep women liking them. (By the way, many women are waiting for men to stand up, speak up, and thus regain the respect these women want to give them).

    There is sooooo much more to manhood than deferring to women our worth. Sure it is uncomfortable and will cost us some orgasms and other shallow pursuits, but real men will rise up, resist the “hard-wiring” cop-out excuses, and fight being feminized. Women denied and overpowered their hard-wiring to become pregnant, as females, so why can’t strong men overcome?

    The boys futures look very bleak. Real men will not allow that to happen and will unforgivingly do all it takes to preserve some power for males. Shame on males for caving in when they darn well know better—Yes they do! Men should have their priorities in order; clearly they do not!

    Reap what you sow—come now, pay later. It doesn’t have to be that way! Men, we should stick together— no matter what— and fight—no matter what! Yep! You will be sorry someday and the boys will blame you and be furious with being sold off. The signs are already showing.

    The solution: reeducate our impressionable young boys, who will listen to men… that they do not have to copy older males, obsess over fitting in, make the same mistakes already made ever since the beast of family-destroying feminism reared its ugly head, and that it is not hatred of women for males to want to remain intact with some power too and to use their wit to accomplish it—-like real men should do and should have already done.

    It is not too late, not yet anyway. Seize the moment. Take back and own and operate your own control panels from women and from stubborn, so-called “normal” men who want you to be as miserable as they are. Organize and fight.


  2. A very heart-felt statement! You spoke so many truths. And what a great finish:

    “It is not too late, not yet anyway. Seize the moment. Take back and own and operate your own control panels from women and from stubborn, so-called “normal” men who want you to be as miserable as they are.”

    You may want to explore ncfm.org for support, info, and education on men’s issues.


  3. Don Bridges says:

    Mr. Boggs:
    Thank you for your nice reply to my comments above. I am passionate about helping men and boys. It is good to see someone agree with me on some things. Could you please contact me directly? Specifically, I would like to learn more about utilizing wordpress. I have browsed through the process already, but have some other general questions in which I think you would be excellent in explaining. I love your site and have looked it over well. The way your site is made and operates interests me greatly. I really do believe that we men need to stick together and help one another. Doing so, we stand our best chance at helping the pendulum swing back our way. Thanks.


    • Daddy of 5 says:

      Not only “men have to stick together” but also women, who have sons, bothers, fathers, male cousins, grandpas, etc. you get the point. It is – after all – almost a half of humankind we are talking about here.

      But it working toward true gender equality in the law and especially in real, daily life, facing with so many odds, will not be easy for many years to come.

      The reasons for it include the fact that the RULING CLASS interest are not necessarily aligned with true gender equality.

      As it is with JOB OUTSOURCING where patriotic rhetoric of the capital (and their servants in Congress etc.) is not matched with deed and outsourcing of jobs is increasingly massive, so is the supposed gender equality.

      As males and husbands and fathers, we are – I like to make a historical comparison – as African American were in Deep South as late as in the 1950s. Equal according a law but very much discriminated against in so many fundamental ways.

      I will now post below my substantial comment which I posted elsewhere in order to make it available on this main page.


  4. Don Bridges says:

    In connection with the last comment I, Don Bridges made above, I assumed you have my e-mail address because I had to enter it in order to comment. If not, here it is: donmbridges@hotmail.com. Feel free to write and discuss, even if you, or anyone disagrees with me. The important thing is that we must somehow overcome our competitive natures about who is most right and wrong, etc. As men, despite our differences, we must learn to work together and preserve some of the sanity, power, and respect for men and boys.


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