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This will catch women’s pay-equity advocates by surprise — and depress them!

Todd Venezia | Feb. 10, 2011 | New York Post Half of women feel more successful than their man By TODD VENEZIA | February 10, 2011 Looks like the glass ceiling just got a swift kick. Nearly half of all American … Continue reading

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How 480 characters unraveled my career

How 480 characters unraveled my career – Egyptian Protests – Say what you will about Nir Rosen, seen by some as a Taliban-sympathizer and who is the former CNN correspondent who was forced to resign after he derided on Twitter … Continue reading

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Anti-male View on Pepsi Ad

If it’s racist for an ad to show a black woman trying to commit violence against her husband or boyfriend, what is it when hundreds of ads yearly depict a white woman slapping, shoving, kicking, scolding, insulting, throwing something at her husband or boyfriend? Continue reading

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The Civil Rights Act Spawned the Unintended Consequence of Sexual Harassment Laws

“This vicious implementation of sexual harassment laws is another example of unintended consequences. The original impulse behind such seemed humanitarian, though misguided. Lin Farley’s watershed work, Sexual Shakedown: The Sexual Harassment of Women on the Job (1978), chronicled appalling cases … Continue reading

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VAWA Is an Excellent Target for Spending Cuts

While the U.S. House is trying to figure out how to cut wasteful and/or extravagant federal spending, Members should be mindful of Reagan’s advice to begin by cutting programs that are harmful. One that fits this definition is the billion-dollar-a-year … Continue reading

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