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How to make feminism great again

“Today’s feminism is not merely out of touch with everyday Americans; it’s out of touch with reality.” Continue reading

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Forbes: Men Work Longer Hours Than Women

By Karin Agness • forbes.com • June 30, 2016 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made efforts to appeal to working women a centerpiece of her presidential campaign. One issue she continues to bring up is equal pay and … Continue reading

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Will Any Presidential Candidate Support a White House Council on Boys and Men?

“But no one gave men a purpose beyond raising money. Today, males have lost their purpose, because fewer are needed to die in wars and being the sole breadwinner no longer constitutes the definition of masculinity.” Continue reading

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Two Commentaries On the Shriver Report

“If the Democratic Party establishment embraces this female-centric view of America, we’re in for another cycle of partisan politics made more toxic by gender politics.” Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Sex Differences Cut Both Ways?

“Sadly, in public discussions about gender, sex differences are fair game only when they are to women’s advantage.” Continue reading

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Why men still can’t have it all

“Men in dual-income couples work outside the home eleven more hours a week than their working wives or partners do (forty-two to thirty-one), and when you look at the total weekly workload, including paid work outside the home and unpaid work inside the home, men and women are putting in roughly the same number of hours: fifty-eight hours for men and fifty-nine for women.” Continue reading

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What Does President Obama Mean For Men?

Obama goes to bat for females at males’ expense. Continue reading

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